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Jeanne Cummings

Jeanne Cummings is the Deputy Bureau Chief for The Wall Street Journal in Washington.  She most recently served as Political Editor for The Wall Street Journal in Washington, her second stint at the newspaper. 

Before joining the Journal, she served as the Deputy Managing Editor at Bloomberg where she worked with White House, Congress, 2012 and a host of other reporting groups to develop enterprise and analysis pieces that give readers new insight, more context or simply a better understanding of today's fast-paced news events.

Cummings joined Bloomberg from POLITICO, where she served as Assistant Managing Editor in charge of enterprise.  She’s covered politics at every level, from state and local governments to five presidential campaigns. In recent years, her focus has been on tracking money and politics.

Cummings' coverage has ranged from documenting the rise of well-financed independent political organizations to breaking news stories, including her 2008 scoop about the RNC buying clothes for vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. At POLITICO she oversaw weekly brainstorming meetings that generated high-impact article concepts and worked closely with individual reporters to develop story ideas.

In addition to being a regular panelist on "Washington Week," Cummings appears on a number of newsmaker shows including "Hardball with Chris Matthews" on MSNBC, and "Inside Washington with Gordon Peterson," which airs in Washington on WJLA-TV (ABC) and nationally on PBS. In 2009, her appearances were included in submissions by "Washington Week" and CNN that secured Peabody Awards for both networks.

Recruited from The Wall Street Journal’s Washington Bureau, Cummings joined POLITICO in 2007. At the Journal, she won the 2000 Aldo Beckman Memorial Award, the highest honor for daily White House correspondents, for her coverage of the Clinton Administration. She also earned a journalism award at the Journal for her part in covering the Enron scandal and its connections to the Bush Administration.

Before joining The Wall Street Journal, Cummings worked for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, first in Atlanta covering politics and the governor's office and then in its Washington Bureau where she tracked the career of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. In 1997, she won a National Press Club award for groundbreaking coverage of Gingrich's complex financial and political support network and the House ethics investigation of it.

When not at work, she spends her time ferrying her daughter to soccer, swim and basketball practices.

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