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Tara Palmeri

Tara Palmeri is a White House correspondent for ABC News based in Washington D.C.

Prior to joining ABC News, she was as a White House correspondent for Politico and CNN political analyst.

Tara’s work has taken her around the world, traveling to Brussels to report for Politico’s European edition while also providing commentary on European news as a CNBC contributor. She has led coverage of major reports, breaking news on Germany’s proposal to remove Greece from the Eurozone and the detainment of terrorist Abdelhamid Abaaoud by French authorities. While abroad she also covered the Paris and Brussels terrorist attacks, reported on the Greek financial crisis and covered the vote on Britain's exit from the European Union.

Before working for Politico, Tara reported on New York City politics for the New York Post. She broke news about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s political ambitions, covered the John Edwards trial, reported on the tragic Sandy Hook elementary school shooting and covered the 2012 Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention.

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