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Tonight on Washington Week: Terror attacks in Brussels, Obama's trip to Cuba and Republicans coalesce around Cruz

Investigators believe two brothers involved in the attacks on the Brussels airport and subway system were part of the same ISIS cell that carried out similar bombings in Paris last November in which 130 people died. The search continues for another suspected bomber who was caught on security video walking with the airport attackers.  More than 30 people were killed, including two Americans, and 270 were injured in Tuesday's attacks.

Mark Mazzetti of The New York Times will have the latest on the widening investigation, and Nancy Youssef of the Daily Beast will report on mounting U.S. frustration with Belgium's intelligence-sharing practices and its inability to contain the widening threat by Islamic militants.

In the wake of the terror attacks overseas, the 2016 presidential candidates weighed in with their positions on defeating radical jihadists. Donald Trump reiterated his plan to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S. while Ted Cruz said he wants to monitor Muslim communities across the country.  Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton called Trump and Cruz "dangerous" and suggested intensified air strikes and more coordinated counterterrorism efforts between the U.S. and its allies. Robert Costa of The Washington Post will review the presidential hopefuls’ positions on national security and have an update on attempts by Republicans to coalesce behind Ted Cruz and block frontrunner Donald Trump from clinching the party's nomination.

President Barack Obama’s historic trip to Cuba brought up old grievances and profound differences between the two countries.  During a joint news conference, the president pressed Cuban President Raul Castro about his country’s record on human rights and the imprisonment of political prisoners.  Castro pushed back calling for an end to the American embargo which he called "the most important obstacle" to Cuba’s economic development.  Tom Gjelten of NPR will report on the opportunities and challenges surrounding the normalization of U.S.-Cuban relations.

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