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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Jerry Seib
The Wall Street Journal
The center held. That, at least, appears to be the takeaway from the most important political event of the week, Thursday night’s Democratic debate in Houston
Lisa Desjardins
PBS NewsHour
On Thursday night, the top 10 Democratic presidential candidates faced off on a debate stage for the first time, in Houston. The extended debate duration -- three hours instead of two -- enabled longer, more in-depth policy explanations. For the most part, the tone was civil, but Julian Castro's attack on Joe Biden's memory struck some viewers as overly personal and mean
Mark Landler
The New York Times
After two dizzying weeks, Britain seems poised on a threshold, between the folkways and rituals of its past and a future of radical change, where conventions are turned upside down and old rules no longer apply. Past and future were both on vivid display during these fraught days, sometimes hand in hand.