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6 things to watch in Tuesday's primaries

March 17, 2020
Jeff Zeleny, Eric Bradner, Dan Merica | CNN
The coronavirus pandemic is disrupting the United States' political calendar, sidelining presidential campaigns and forcing Americans to weigh the risks to their health if they go vote.
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Day One of a campaign transformed: Biden the likely nominee, coronavirus the dominant issue

March 16, 2020
Susan Page | USA Today
The novel coronavirus has erupted as the singular issue dominating the national debate. The pandemic's repercussions are pushing the U.S. and global economy toward a slowdown or even a recession, roiling the foundation of President Donald Trump's reelection campaign. And the Democratic presidential contest, which at the beginning of this month was sparking speculation about a brokered convention, is on the verge of being settled.

How is COVID-19 affecting the 2020 primary?

March 13, 2020
How do candidates plan to campaign as states ban large gatherings? The panelists discussed the latest news from the 2020 campaign trail.
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Joe Biden Wins Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi Primaries

March 11, 2020
Asma Khalid, Tamara Keith, Scott Horsley, Ron Elving | NPR
Joe Biden's campaign momentum continued on Big Tuesday, with decisive wins in at least three of six primary elections: Mississippi, Missouri, and Michigan. Washington, North Dakota, and Idaho have not yet finalized their totals, though the results paint a grim picture for Bernie Sanders and his chances of securing the nominations.
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Sanders and Biden Cancel Events as Coronavirus Fears Upend Primary

March 11, 2020
Annie Karni, Maggie Haberman, Sydney Ember | The New York Times
The nation’s presidential race entered an unpredictable new phase on Tuesday after the two leading Democratic candidates canceled big primary-night campaign events because of worries about the coronavirus, and Vice President Mike Pence said that the future of President Trump’s signature rallies would be decided on a “a day-to-day basis.”
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Biden, Sanders face off in six states

March 10, 2020
Ed O'Keefe | CBS News
Voting is already underway in Michigan, one of six states where primaries are being held on Tuesday. There are 352 delegates on the line in total. Front-runners Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have been campaigning in Michigan, where recent polls show Biden with a double-digit lead.
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Michigan Was Once Bernie’s Resurrection. Now It Could Be His Burial.

March 10, 2020
Tim Alberta | POLITICO
Sanders’ team has long trumpeted his Michigan triumph as evidence of his ability to assemble a unique coalition and defeat the Democratic establishment. But a closer look at that contest, taken in the context of this year’s primary results, suggests that Sanders’ own weaknesses are about to be exposed.
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Sanders Is Behind With Black Voters. He Didn’t Fix That in Flint.

March 9, 2020
Lisa Lerer | The New York Times
The event itself was an acknowledgment that Mr. Sanders is still struggling to improve his standing among black voters four years after he lost his first run for president in part because of his inability to gain their support.
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In a Flash, Democrats’ Race Is Back Where It Began

March 7, 2020
Jerry Seib | Wall Street Journal
After South Carolina, five candidates quit the race, until it was down to the two who led national polls at the beginning—Biden and Sanders
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