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Obama to eulogize late Rep. John Lewis at Atlanta funeral

July 30, 2020
Kristen Welker, Geoff Bennett, Kelly O'Donnell, Dartunorro Clark | NBC News
Former President Barack Obama will eulogize the late Rep. John Lewis at his funeral in Atlanta on Thursday, a source familiar with the planning told NBC News on Wednesday.
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‘Potential explosive devices’ sent to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton intercepted by Secret Service

October 24, 2018
Devlin Barrett, Cleve R. Wootson Jr., Mark Berman | The Washington Post
The Secret Service said Wednesday that it had intercepted packages containing “potential explosive devices” addressed to former first lady Hillary Clinton in New York and former president Barack Obama in Washington.
Bill Clinton
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‘What About Bill?’ Sexual Misconduct Debate Revives Questions About Clinton

November 16, 2017
Peter Baker | The New York Times
Another woman went on national television this week to press her case of sexual assault by a powerful figure. But the accused was not Roy S. Moore or Harvey Weinstein or Donald J. Trump. It was Bill Clinton.
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Trump Takes Page From Bill Clinton Crisis Playbook

May 19, 2017
Alexis Simendinger | RealClearPolitics
President Trump fancies himself an innovator, but his political playbook to try to dig out of scandal quicksand owes a lot to the 42nd president.
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President Clinton Fires FBI Director

Air Date: 
July 23, 1993
President Trump fired FBI Director Comey. The last director dismissed was by Clinton in 1993.
From the Vault

Presidential Politics: Past as Prologue

Air Date: 
November 6, 1992
After a long and bruising campaign where middle America was concerned that the country was in "deep trouble," voters elected a new president. It was a change election that saw the governing party swept from power. It was November 1992.
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Trump stirs old Clinton sex scandals, to the dismay of some allies

September 30, 2016
Robert Costa, | The Washington Post
Donald Trump and his allies are dredging up the past marital infidelities of Hillary Clinton’s husband — a move of questionable benefit that is bewildering even some of his staunchest supporters.
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