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Trump Urged Homeland Security Official to Close Border Despite an Earlier Promise of a Delay

April 13, 2019
Maggie Haberman, Eric Schmitt, Annie Karni | The New York Times
President Trump last week privately urged Kevin McAleenan, the border enforcement official he was about to name as acting secretary of homeland security, to close the southwestern border to migrants despite having just said publicly that he was delaying a decision on the step for a year, according to three people briefed about the conversation.
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President Trump visits US-Mexico border

April 6, 2019
Kelly O'Donnell | NBC News
President Donald Trump toured a wall along the southern border in California and shared a message for undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers. “We have a system that’s full,” he said.
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Trump Says Southern-Border Asylum Seekers Are Running a ‘Scam’

April 6, 2019
Vivian Salama, Alex Leary | The Wall Street Journal
President Trump made his case for more barriers as he visited the border with Mexico on Friday, while continuing to say the U.S. immigration system is being overwhelmed by Central Americans seeking asylum.
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April 3, 2019
Have you been keeping up? Check out these stories you might have missed.
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Trump Vows to Close Border, Even if It Hurts the Economy

April 3, 2019
Jim Tankersley, Ana Swanson | The New York Times
President Trump acknowledged Tuesday that closing the southern border with Mexico could damage the United States economy, but said protecting America’s security was more important than trade. In remarks from the Oval Office, Mr. Trump reiterated his threat to shut the border if Mexico, America’s third largest trading partner, cannot restrict a flow of asylum seekers trying to cross into the United States.
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Administration scrambles to respond to migrant surge — but no signs of Trump’s threatened border closing

April 2, 2019
Maria Sacchetti, Nick Miroff | The Washington Post
President Trump summoned Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen back from a conference in Europe on Monday as the White House scrambled to respond to a spike in migrant families at the U.S.-Mexico border. But there were no immediate signs that the administration was preparing to follow through on Trump’s threats in recent days to close legal ports of entry altogether.
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As Trump threatens to close border, experts warn of billions in economic damage

April 2, 2019
Eli Stokols, Molly O'Toole, Noah Bierman | Los Angeles Times
It is probably impossible to close the entire 2,000-mile-long border. But Trump could shut some or all of the 47 official entry ports, which process more than 1 million people and about $1.7 billion in commerce every day. Even a limited and temporary closure would be felt from California to Texas. A longer-term closure would devastate local businesses and ripple through regional supply chains, directly affecting the farms and automobile manufacturers whose employees form the core of Trump’s political base.
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Trump threatens to shut down border with Mexico next week

March 30, 2019
Jonathan Lemire, Catherine Lucey, Nomaan Merchant | Associated Press
Threatening drastic action against Mexico, President Donald Trump declared he is likely to shut down America’s southern border next week unless Mexican authorities immediately halt all illegal immigration. Such a severe move could hit the economies of both countries, but the president emphasized, “I am not kidding around.”
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House votes against overriding Trump's border emergency veto

March 27, 2019
Ylan Mui | CNBC
CNBC's Ylan Mui reports on the House vote against overriding President Trump's border emergency veto and what this means for border wall funding.
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