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Biden Faces Low Approvals Rating Following Wide-ranging News Conference

January 20, 2022
Mike Memoli | NBC News
President Biden marked his first year in office with a wide-ranging news conference on Wednesday.
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Biden: The GOP Epiphany I Predicted Didn't Come

January 20, 2022
Laura Barrón-López , Myah Ward | POLITICO
In a nearly two hour press conference on Wednesday, Biden conceded he had made some misjudgments during his first year in office.
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‘Know when to hold and know when to fold’: Progressives accept limits of their power

December 16, 2021
Nicholas Wu, Sarah Ferris | POLITICO
House liberals dug in hard this year on social spending. Whatever Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) does, they're ready to declare a win.

Defending Democracy: At Home and Abroad

December 10, 2021
President Biden has been defending democracy abroad and domestically, including holding a call with President Putin as Russian troops gather at the Ukrainian border.

The Divided States of America

November 26, 2021
The panel discussed what divides us and what unites us on a special Thanksgiving edition of Washington Week.
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Disgusting display': 99% of GOP back MAGA lawmaker’s violent video as AOC rebukes party of Trump

November 23, 2021
Tim Alberta | The Atlantic
A Michigan Republican spent eight months searching for evidence of election fraud, but all he found was lies.
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