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Bernie Sanders had a heart attack, campaign says

October 5, 2019
Jeff Zeleny | CNN
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders suffered a heart attack, his campaign confirmed after he departed Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center in Las Vegas.
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Many Black Voters Like Joe Biden, but Some Are Open to Other Democrats

October 1, 2019
Tarini Parti, Joshua Jamerson | The Wall Street Journal
A September Quinnipiac University poll found that 40% of black Democratic and Democratic-leaning participants backed Mr. Biden, down slightly from August but higher than any other candidate’s support in that group. Biden campaign officials say his strength with black voters proves he can rally a diverse coalition in 2020 to beat Mr. Trump.

How could the impeachment inquiry change the 2020 presidential race?

September 27, 2019
On the latest #WashWeekPBS Extra: After Democrats launched an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump this week, the panelists discussed how it could impact the 2020 race.

Impeachment inquiry launched

September 27, 2019
The panelists' discussion provided context and analysis of a momentous week.
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A Surging Elizabeth Warren Becomes a Target in the 2020 Race

September 24, 2019
Joshua Green | Bloomberg
Elizabeth Warren has been on a steady upward trajectory for six months, raising big money from small donors, drawing huge crowds, and rising from also-ran to top-tier. And a new Iowa poll has her in first place. But now she’s a target.
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Dems spend weekend in Iowa

September 21, 2019
Ed O'Keefe | CBS News
Democratic presidential hopefuls are campaigning in Iowa, the first-in-the-nation caucus state, where there are still a lot of undecided voters.

Whistleblower complaint raises questions, tensions rise with Iran

September 20, 2019
The panelists discussed a whistleblower complaint made by a member of the intelligence community that's raising sharp questions, along with the latest in the rising tensions with Iran.
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Lewandowski's messy hearing leaves some Democrats questioning their tactics

September 19, 2019
Manu Raju, Dana Bash | CNN
Tensions are building within the House Democratic Caucus over the Judiciary Committee's march toward impeachment, with Democrats again at odds over their messaging and strategy during a crucial time facing their majority.
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Schumer and Pelosi, Talking to Trump on Guns, Try to Sweeten the Deal

September 16, 2019
Sheryl Gay Stolberg | The New York Times
The top two Democrats in Congress, seeking to ramp up pressure on Republicans to pass legislation extending background checks to all gun buyers, told President Trump on Sunday that they would join him at the White House for a “historic signing ceremony at the Rose Garden” if he agreed to the measure.
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