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Jobs report surprised everyone, even President Trump

July 6, 2019
Ylan Mui | CNBC
Discussing the recent jobs report and what it means to hopes for a potential rate cut from the Fed this year.
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Automakers Tell Trump His Pollution Rules Could Mean ‘Untenable’ Instability and Lower Profits

June 7, 2019
Coral Davenport | The New York Times
The world’s largest automakers warned President Trump on Thursday that one of his most sweeping deregulatory efforts — his plan to weaken tailpipe pollution standards — threatens to cut their profits and produce “untenable” instability in a crucial manufacturing sector.
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Trump Gives Farmers $16 Billion in Aid Amid Prolonged China Trade War

May 24, 2019
Ana Swanson | The New York Times
President Trump on Thursday unveiled a $16 billion bailout for farmers hurt by his trade war with Beijing, signaling a protracted fight ahead that is already prompting some American companies to shift business away from China.
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Stock market plunges as China strikes back against U.S. tariffs

May 14, 2019
Hallie Jackson | NBC News
The Dow Jones fell more than 600 points today after China vowed to retaliate for higher tariffs imposed by the U.S. last week and talks concluded without a deal to end the growing trade war between the two countries.
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US added 196,000 jobs in March, vs 175,000 expected

April 5, 2019
Ylan Mui | CNBC
Non-farm payrolls were expected to rise by 175,000 in March and the unemployment rate was projected to hold steady at 3.8 percent, according to economists surveyed by Dow Jones.
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White House releases report on progress of its economic policy

March 19, 2019
Ylan Mui | CNBC
CNBC's Ylan Mui summarizes on the economic report the White House released arguing why the administration believes the Trump policies are working. The administration is laying the groundwork for their argument to voters heading into 2020, trying to frame the debate as socialism verse a strong economy.
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February payrolls rose by 20,000 jobs, falling short of estimates

March 8, 2019
Ylan Mui | CNBC
Job growth came to a near halt in February following the longest government shutdown in history. U.S. payrolls were expected to increase by 180,000 in February.
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Powell Says He Wouldn’t Resign at Trump’s Request

January 4, 2019
Jennifer Jacobs, Jonathan Ferro | Bloomberg
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said he wouldn’t resign if President Donald Trump asked him to do so, addressing months of criticism from the White House about the central bank’s decisions to raise interest rates.

President Trump’s trade war with China

December 7, 2018
International relations with China and Saudi Arabia.
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