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What do we know about President Trump's trade deal with China?

December 13, 2019
News of an initial trade deal with China capped this historic week in Washington.
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GM, White House deny Politico report of administration involvement in UAW talks

September 18, 2019
Eamon Javers, Michael Wayland, Phil LeBeau | CNBC
The White House and General Motors on Tuesday denied a report in Politico that said the Trump administration was involved in the automaker’s contract negotiations with the United Auto Workers union.
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Amid Recession Worries, Trump Points Finger at American Businesses

September 3, 2019
Peter Baker | The New York Times
President Trump wants Americans to understand that the economy is doing great, thanks to him. But if in fact the economy sours, then it is someone else’s fault.
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Will America Talk Itself Into a Recession? Trump’s Advisers Are Worried

August 30, 2019
Jim Tankersley, Jeanna Smialek | The New York Times
President Trump’s economic advisers do not see a recession on the horizon, but they worry that gloomy news reports and a drumbeat of recession warnings could turn fear of one into reality.
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The month a shadow fell on Trump’s economy

August 23, 2019
Robert Costa, Josh Dawsey, Philip Rucker, Damian Paletta | The Washington Post
Top White House advisers notified President Trump earlier this month that some internal forecasts showed that the economy could slow markedly over the next year, stopping short of a recession but complicating his path to reelection in 2020.
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Democrats see opening on economy, resist cheering recession

August 23, 2019
Julie Pace | Associated Press
Campaigning under the stifling August sun, Joe Biden assailed President Donald Trump’s trade war with China, accusing him of squandering a strong economy and putting Americans’ financial security at risk. But he was quick to add that he was not hoping for the worst.
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Economic Anxiety Among Voters Is a Sign of Vulnerability for Trump

August 22, 2019
Jim Tankersley, Ben Casselman | The New York Times
Americans’ confidence in the economy is fragile, with a majority of voters expressing concern — a potential vulnerability for President Trump if the current economic slowdown worsens before next year’s election.
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NBC News/WSJ poll: Half of Americans approve of Trump's handling of economy

August 20, 2019
Andrea Mitchell, Geoff Bennett, Robert Costa, Gillian Tett | NBC News
President Trump is clinging to the economy to boost his re-election chances – a new NBC News/WSJ poll says 50% of Americans approve of how he’s handling it. Meanwhile reactions against the President's tariffs has support for free trade at a high - 64-percent now believing free trade is good for America, according to the same poll. This, as President Trump continues to wage his trade war with China.
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White House considered payroll tax cut amid economic concerns, despite public bluster

August 20, 2019
Kaitlan Collins, Donna Borak | CNN
White House officials at one point in recent days were discussing the possibility of a potential payroll tax cut to stave off an economic slowdown. Despite saying publicly that the economy is fine and they have no concerns about a recession, the conversations reveal how White House officials are discussing ways to boost confidence in the economy.
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