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Trump Delivers Blunt Warning to Venezuela Military Over Aid Impasse

February 19, 2019
Annie Karni, Nicholas Casey, Anatoly Kurmanaev | The New York Times
President Trump on Monday delivered his sharpest warning yet to Venezuela’s military authorities in an increasingly tense showdown over that country’s crisis, proclaiming they would “lose everything” by remaining loyal to President Nicolás Maduro and refusing to allow in emergency aid stockpiled on the border.
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Trump Considering Powell, Craft, Grenell, James for UN Job, Sources Say

February 19, 2019
Jennifer Jacobs | Bloomberg
President Donald Trump is considering four people to be his next UN ambassador: Goldman Sachs Group Inc. partner Dina Powell, the current ambassadors to Canada and Germany, Kelly Craft and Richard Grenell, and John James, a former Republican U.S. Senate candidate from Michigan, according to people familiar with the matter.
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February 13, 2019
Have you been keeping up? Check out these three stories you might have missed this week.
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Protesters in Venezuela keep pressure on Maduro

January 31, 2019
Andrea Mitchell | NBC News
“We are staying in the streets,” opposition leader Juan Guaidó said to students. “Not just because of how bad things are, but also for the future.”
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Intervening Against Venezuela’s Strongman, Trump Belies ‘America First’

January 25, 2019
Peter Baker, Edward Wong | The New York Times
President Trump has finally met a strongman he does not like. After making friends with autocrats around the world, Mr. Trump has drawn a red line with Nicolás Maduro, demanding that the iron-fisted president of Venezuela hand power to his opposition.
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Why Trump is trying to oust Maduro from Venezuela, but not other global dictators

January 24, 2019
Andrea Mitchell | NBC News
President Donald Trump's quick embrace of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó on Wednesday was a notable departure from his "America First" aversion to foreign entanglements. But diplomats in the region say Trump has long argued for regime change in Venezuela, fueled by fierce opposition to the socialist Nicolás Maduro and his disastrous economic policies, as well as the Maduro regime's connections to Cuba.
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Domestic problems leave leaders in Britain, France and Germany on weaker ground with Trump

December 15, 2018
Anne Gearan | The Washington Post
British Prime Minister Theresa May, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have all tried, and often failed, to curb what they see as President Trump’s worst instincts toward nationalism and isolationism — viewing themselves as a bulwark against a U.S. president who doesn’t share their belief in international cooperation.
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Trump nominates William Barr to be next attorney general

December 8, 2018
Kelly O'Donnell | NBC News
President Trump is shaking up the top ranks of his administration, announcing Heather Nauert, a former Fox News anchor, as his pick for U.N. ambassador, and William Barr, former attorney general during the George H.W. Bush administration, as his nominee for attorney general.
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