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Despite tensions over Syria, Trump offers Erdogan a warm welcome

November 14, 2019
Amna Nawaz | The PBS NewsHour
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited Washington Wednesday, prompting protests by Kurdish Americans and others outside the White House. Erdogan received a warm welcome from President Trump, but some Republicans in the Senate expressed concern about the friendly treatment only weeks after the Turkish military aggression in Syria that both parties in Congress decried.
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House Rebukes Turkey With Votes On Sanctions, Armenian Genocide

October 30, 2019
Susan Davis, Tim Mak | NPR
The House of Representatives approved two measures pushing back at Turkey, a sign of significant bipartisan ire at a longstanding NATO ally following the country's offensive into northeastern Syria.
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Trump Moves Closer to Ending Another Post-Cold War Treaty

October 28, 2019
Vivian Salama, Michael R. Gordon | The Wall Street Journal
The Trump administration has taken steps toward leaving a nearly three-decade-old agreement designed to reduce the risk of war between Russia and the West by allowing both sides to conduct reconnaissance flights over one another’s territories, U.S. officials said.
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U.S. Weighs Leaving More Troops, Sending Battle Tanks to Syria

October 25, 2019
Nancy Youssef, Gordon Lubold | The Wall Street Journal
The White House is considering options for leaving about 500 U.S. troops in northeast Syria and for sending dozens of battle tanks and other equipment, officials said Thursday, the latest in an array of scenarios following President Trump’s decision this month to remove all troops there.
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Trump lifts Turkey sanctions, Russia calls shots in Syria ceasefire

October 24, 2019
Paula Reid | CBS News
A Russian news agency says Kurdish forces have started leaving northern Syria, with Russian troops moving to enforce a ceasefire along the Turkish border. President Trump has lifted sanctions against Turkey as a reward for making a deal with Russia to stop the fighting.
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For Trump the Dealmaker, Troop Pullouts Without Much in Return

October 22, 2019
Peter Baker | The New York Times
The Taliban have wanted the United States to pull troops out of Afghanistan, Turkey has wanted the Americans out of northern Syria and North Korea has wanted them to at least stop military exercises with South Korea. President Trump has now to some extent at least obliged all three — but without getting much of anything in return.

Showdown in Syria, impeachment inquiry heats up

October 18, 2019
It was a dramatic and violent week in Syria. On Friday, the fighting eased -- but many questions lingered.
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U.S. to Host 2020 G-7 Summit at Trump’s Doral Resort Near Miami

October 18, 2019
Vivian Salama | The Wall Street Journal
The U.S. will host the 2020 Group of Seven summit at President Trump’s luxury golf resort near Miami, his acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said, bucking criticism that Mr. Trump is looking to personally profit from the presidency.
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Turkey Rejects U.S. Call for Immediate Cease-Fire in Syria

October 17, 2019
Vivian Salama, David Gauthier-Villars, Dion Nissenbaum | The Wall Street Journal
Turkey dismissed a U.S. call for an immediate cease-fire in northeast Syria, pressing ahead with its military offensive as senior Trump administration officials rushed to Ankara to try to halt fighting triggered by the withdrawal of American troops from the region.
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