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Senate passes defense bill establishing Trump’s Space Force, paid family leave for federal workers

December 18, 2019
Karoun Demirjian, Paul Sonne | The Washington Post
The Senate passed a record-setting $738 billion defense bill Tuesday with a strong bipartisan showing, readying for President Trump’s signature a measure creating a Space Force as the sixth branch of the military and guaranteeing 12 weeks of paid parental leave for federal workers.

President Trump’s plan to streamline the government

June 22, 2018
Could the federal government be reorganized?
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Post-recession generation to be majority-minority

June 28, 2017
| The Hill
The first generation of Americans to be born in the wake of the Great Recession will be the first in the nation's history to include more racial minorities than whites, according to new Census Bureau data.
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Congress and President Obama barrel toward 2013 shutdown

Air Date: 
September 27, 2013
Congress and President Obama try to avoid a government shutdown in 2013.
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In Ohio County That Backed Trump, Word of Housing Cuts Stirs Fear

April 3, 2017
Yamiche Alcindor | The New York Times
HOME Investment Partnerships is one of dozens of programs and independent agencies aimed at the poor that President Trump has proposed cutting.
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Congress To-Do List: Fund Government Agencies, Zika Virus Battle

September 6, 2016
Susan Davis | NPR
After a 7-week summer break, Congress returns to Capitol Hill. Lawmakers are scheduled to spend the month of September on a very short to-do list before leaving again ahead of November' election.
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States opposed to Obama more dependent on federal government

August 30, 2016
| The Hill
States that voted against President Obama twice are more dependent on the federal government, according to an analysis of new data released by the Pew Charitable Trusts on Monday.
Gwen's NewsHour Reports

How did today’s government become so divided?

February 24, 2016
Separation of powers is a core component of American democracy, but political divisions rose to new heights this year as Congressional Republicans clashed with the Obama administration on everything from budget blueprints to Supreme Court nominations. Gwen Ifill talks to E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post and Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller for a closer look at today’s caustic political landscape.
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