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Trump Plans to Divert Additional $7.2 Billion From Military to Wall

January 14, 2020
Maggie Haberman, Zolan Kanno-Youngs | The New York Times
President Trump plans to divert an additional $7.2 billion in military funding for the construction of a wall on the southern border, according to two people familiar with the plans, as officials rush to show major progress on his signature campaign promise in time for the 2020 election.
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After failed legislative attempts on DACA, fate of ‘Dreamers’ lies with Supreme Court

November 12, 2019
Amna Nawaz | The PBS NewsHour
On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear arguments that could decide the fate of some 700,000 “Dreamers,” members of a younger generation of undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children. They are currently protected from deportation by an executive order that President Barack Obama put in place in 2012, but that President Donald Trump has sought to cancel.
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Trump aides nix his picks to take over DHS

October 22, 2019
Anita Kumar, Daniel Lippman | POLITICO
President Donald Trump has been notified by his staff that he can’t select two popular figures — Ken Cuccinelli and Mark Morgan — to serve as an acting secretary of homeland security because a federal law governing agency succession makes them ineligible.
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Trump Will Deny Immigrant Visas to Those Who Can’t Pay for Health Care

October 5, 2019
Michael Shear, Miriam Jordan | The New York Times
The Trump administration will deny visas to immigrants who cannot prove they will have health insurance or the ability to pay for medical costs once they become permanent residents of the United States, the White House announced Friday in the latest move by President Trump to undermine legal immigration.
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Shoot Migrants’ Legs, Build Alligator Moat: Behind Trump’s Ideas for Border

October 2, 2019
Michael Shear, Julie Hirschfeld Davis | The New York Times
The Oval Office meeting this past March began, as so many had, with President Trump fuming about migrants. But this time he had a solution. As White House advisers listened astonished, he ordered them to shut down the entire 2,000-mile border with Mexico — by noon the next day.
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Trump tours border barrier as part of a show of force on immigration ahead of reelection campaign

September 19, 2019
Philip Rucker, Nick Miroff | The Washington Post
President Trump on Wednesday toured a border barrier here along the U.S.-Mexico divide while his top aides conducted a Coast Guard flyover of the double-layered, steel fencing — part of a show of force ahead of the 2020 election aimed reducing a massive spike in unauthorized immigration.
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Trump Administration Considers a Drastic Cut in Refugees Allowed to Enter U.S.

September 7, 2019
Julie Hirschfeld Davis, Michael Shear | The New York Times
The White House is considering a plan that would keep most refugees who are fleeing war, persecution and famine out of the United States, significantly cutting back a decades-old program, according to current and former administration officials.
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The longer children are in detention, the more their health deteriorates, says DHHS

September 7, 2019
Lisa Desjardins | The PBS NewsHour
Medical professionals and children’s welfare advocates have warned of health risks from detaining migrant children and separating them from family members. Now, a government agency has delivered a comprehensive report on the issue.
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‘Take the land’: President Trump wants a border wall. He wants it black. And he wants it by Election Day.

August 28, 2019
Josh Dawsey, Nick Miroff | The Washington Post
President Trump is so eager to complete hundreds of miles of border fence ahead of the 2020 presidential election that he has directed aides to fast-track billions of dollars’ worth of construction contracts, aggressively seize private land and disregard environmental rules, according to current and former officials involved with the project.
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