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ICE to Launch Round-Up of Undocumented Immigrants Sunday

July 11, 2019
Vivian Salama | The Wall Street Journal
Immigration and Customs Enforcement will launch an effort to round up thousands of undocumented migrants across the country on Sunday as part of the Trump administration’s efforts to crackdown on illegal immigration, according to three administration officials.
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Despite 1st-hand accounts, President attempts to downplay substandard conditions in migrant centers

July 9, 2019
Abby Phillip | CNN
The Trump administration is continuing to downplay the appalling conditions in some migrant detention centers after a New York Times report gave some of the most horrifying details to date, reports of scabies and shingles outbreaks, children left hungry with nowhere to sleep, nowhere to clean themselves.
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House Passes Senate Border Bill in Striking Defeat for Pelosi

June 28, 2019
Julie Hirschfeld Davis, Emily Cochrane | The New York Times
Congress sent President Trump a $4.6 billion humanitarian aid package on Thursday after Speaker Nancy Pelosi capitulated to Republicans and Democratic moderates and dropped her insistence on stronger protections for migrant children in overcrowded border shelters.
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Pelosi facing pressure to pass Senate bill on border funding for migrant crisis

June 27, 2019
Manu Raju, Lauren Fox, Ashley Killough | CNN
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday reiterated her view that House Democrats should attempt to reconcile a border funding bill passed by the GOP-led Senate, but she's facing pressure from moderate Democrats to pass the Senate version before Congress adjourns for a week-long recess.
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House Approves Border Aid, Seeking to Curb Trump’s Crackdown

June 26, 2019
Julie Hirschfeld Davis, Emily Cochrane | The New York Times
A divided House voted on Tuesday to send $4.5 billion in humanitarian aid to the border to address horrific conditions facing a crush of migrants, attaching significant rules on how the money could be spent in the first action by Democrats to rein in President Trump’s immigration crackdown.
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ICE director on due process, rule of law and upcoming deportations

June 19, 2019
Amna Nawaz | PBS NewsHour
On Twitter Monday night, President Trump announced plans for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to step up removal of undocumented immigrants from the U.S. next week. How will these people be located and what happens to them next -- especially the families?
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Trump Brags About Mexico Deal, but Reveals No Details

June 12, 2019
Michael Shear | The New York Times
President Trump on Tuesday waved a piece of paper that he said was part of a “very long and very good” secret agreement with Mexico, refusing to describe it but vowing that it will go into effect whenever he wants it to.
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U.S., Mexico Make Progress on Migration Issues, but Tariffs Still Loom

June 7, 2019
Vivian Salama, Josh Zumbrun, Anthony Harrup | The Wall Street Journal
The Trump administration has made significant progress in its border-security negotiations with Mexico, a senior White House official said, but the U.S. remained on track to impose tariffs on the country’s imports next week.
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GOP senators line up against Trump over Mexico tariffs

June 5, 2019
Kristen Welker | NBC News
A growing number of Republicans in Congress say they will block President Trump if he follows through with his plan to impose tariffs on Mexico. Lawmakers are concerned the standoff could harm the U.S. economy.
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