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‘The hits just keep coming’: Congress stumbles from crisis to crisis

September 24, 2020
John Bresnahan, Melanie Zanona, Sarah Ferris | POLITICO
The House and Senate have spent the past two years staring down some of the most consequential political events of recent decades: the longest-ever government shutdown; a presidential impeachment; a deadly global pandemic; a deepening economic recession that has led to Depression-era levels of unemployment; a long-overdue national reckoning over race and police brutality; and growing tension with China and Iran and even Saudi Arabia.
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Ten days: After an early coronavirus warning, Trump is distracted as he downplays threat

September 17, 2020
Ashley Parker, Josh Dawsey, Yasmeen Abutaleb | The Washington Post
A detailed review of the 10-day period from late January, when Trump was first warned about the scale of the threat, and early February — when he acknowledged to author Bob Woodward the extent of the danger the virus posed — reveals a president who took relatively few serious measures to ready the nation for its arrival. Instead, enabled by top administration officials, Trump largely attempted to pretend the virus did not exist.
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In new book, Bolton belatedly says Trump attempted to use military aid to pressure Ukraine on political investigations

June 18, 2020
Rosalind Helderman, Josh Dawsey | The Washington Post
For months, as the nation was convulsed by the impeachment of President Trump, his critics held out hope that the congressional proceedings would unearth a high-level witness with first-person testimony about Trump’s efforts to use his office to try to pressure Ukraine to launch investigations that could bolster him politically.
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DOJ sues to stop former Trump national security adviser John Bolton's tell-all book

June 17, 2020
Pete Williams, Dartunorro Clark | NBC News
The lawsuit asks a federal judge for an order directing Bolton to urge his publisher to delay publication until the process is done. And it further asks the judge to require Bolton to put any profits from the book into a trust for the benefit of the government.
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Trump to Fire Intelligence Watchdog Who Had Key Role in Ukraine Complaint

April 4, 2020
Maggie Haberman, Nicholas Fandos | The New York Times
President Trump is firing the intelligence community inspector general whose insistence on telling lawmakers about a whistle-blower complaint about his dealings with Ukraine triggered impeachment proceedings last fall, the president told lawmakers in a letter late Friday.
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Trump seeks to bend the executive branch as part of impeachment vendetta

February 13, 2020
Robert Costa, Josh Dawsey, Philip Rucker | The Washington Post
President Trump is testing the rule of law one week after his acquittal in his Senate impeachment trial, seeking to bend the executive branch into an instrument for his personal and political vendetta against perceived enemies.
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Republican Senators Tried to Stop Trump From Firing Impeachment Witness

February 10, 2020
Peter Baker, Michael Schmidt, Maggie Haberman | The New York Times
A handful of Republican senators tried to stop President Trump from firing Gordon D. Sondland, the ambassador to the European Union who testified in the House impeachment hearings, but the president relieved the diplomat of his post anyway, according to people briefed on the discussions.
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Trump lambastes his critics as he moves to target perceived enemies over impeachment

February 8, 2020
Peter Baker, Maggie Haberman, Danny Hakim, Michael Schmidt | New York Times
President Trump wasted little time on Friday opening a campaign of retribution against those he blames for his impeachment, firing two of the most prominent witnesses in the House inquiry against him barely 48 hours after being acquitted by the Senate.

The acquittal of President Trump

February 7, 2020
President Donald Trump’s acquittal on both impeachment charges marked the beginning of a new season of deep partisan tensions. The delay of Monday’s Iowa caucus results caused chaos on the campaign trail. The panelists discussed the story behind the President’s acquittal and how the Democratic presidential candidates responded to the delayed Iowa results.
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