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Full Episode: The Devastation of War

March 11, 2022
It’s been almost three weeks since Russia invaded Ukraine and the death toll is rising.

President Biden's Domestic Agenda

March 11, 2022
Inflation hits a 40-year high and economists expect that number to increase throughout March.

Foreign Threats and Domestic Divisions

February 11, 2022
Tensions escalate between Russia and Ukraine. Trump's handling of documents is scrutinized

President Biden’s Challenges

January 21, 2022
On the anniversary of taking office, President Biden faces challenges on all fronts.

President Biden’s First Year in Office

January 21, 2022
This week marked one year since Biden took office and he's facing pressure from all sides.
News You Need to Know

Biden Faces Low Approvals Rating Following Wide-ranging News Conference

January 20, 2022
Mike Memoli | NBC News
President Biden marked his first year in office with a wide-ranging news conference on Wednesday.
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