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Dems vow to derail Ratcliffe nomination amid questions over his resume

August 2, 2019
Manu Raju, Jeremy Herb | CNN
Democrats are ratcheting up their vows to stop Rep. John Ratcliffe from being confirmed as the next director of national intelligence amid questions about whether the Texas Republican exaggerated his resume as a federal prosecutor working on terrorism cases.
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Trump defends his pick for director of national intelligence amid criticism

July 31, 2019
Nancy Cordes | CBS News
President Trump defended his pick for director of national intelligence on Tuesday as Democrats called him unqualified. Three-term Texas Congressman John Ratcliffe joined the House Intelligence Committee six months ago.
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Who is John Ratcliffe, Trump's pick for next intelligence chief?

July 30, 2019
Kasie Hunt | NBC News
Republican Congressman John Ratcliffe made a name for himself when he came to Trump’s defense against Mueller during his testimony last Wednesday, and now he's officially the President's pick to be the next Director of National Intelligence.
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New spy chief pick Ratcliffe made his name during the Trump inquiries by backing the president

July 29, 2019
Karoun Demirjian | The Washington Post
Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Tex.), President Trump’s pick to serve as the next director of national intelligence, has made his name in Congress as one of the GOP’s most dogged critics of perceived anti-Trump bias at the FBI and in the special counsel’s investigation of his alleged Russia ties.
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Gina Haspel Relies on Spy Skills to Connect With Trump. He Doesn’t Always Listen.

April 16, 2019
Julian E. Barnes | The New York Times
For all of Ms. Haspel’s ability to stay in Mr. Trump’s good graces, there is little evidence she has changed his mind on major issues, underscoring the limits of her approach. Mr. Trump’s word choices on a range of issues — Russian interference in elections, Iran’s nuclear program, North Korea’s leadership and, most importantly, the culpability and reliability of Saudi Arabia’s crown prince — remain at odds with the C.I.A.’s assessment of the facts.
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