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Elder President George Bush Is Hospitalized in Houston

January 19, 2017
Peter Baker | The New York Times
Former President George Bush was in stable condition at a Houston hospital on Wednesday after doctors performed a procedure to clear his airway.
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Donald Trump suddenly sounds a lot like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio on immigration

August 26, 2016
Ed O'Keefe, Sean Sullivan | The Washington Post
For more than a year, Donald Trump took the hardest line on immigration — vowing to deport 11 million illegal immigrants en masse and pillorying his GOP primary rivals as favoring “amnesty.”
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Voters Might Not Miss Jeb Bush, but Campaign Reporters Will

February 23, 2016
Ashley Parker | The New York Times
By the time I was assigned to cover Jeb Bush, he was already becoming the exclamation point that couldn’t. Even his gait — long-limbed and newly gangly courtesy of the Paleo diet — and the way he seemed to curl slightly into his 6-foot-4 frame told the story: A campaign that was supposed to be “joyful” had become a slog.
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Fall of the House of Bush: How last name and Donald Trump doomed Jeb

February 22, 2016
Ed O'Keefe, Dan Balz, Matea Gold | The Washington Post
For Jeb Bush’s campaign, August was a cruel month. Donald Trump’s attacks on the former Florida governor as a ­“low-energy” politician were beginning to stick, and the two were bickering over immigration. The issue before the Bush team was what to do about it.
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Jeb Bush: New Hampshire "reset the race"

February 9, 2016
Jeb Bush is battling for third place in the New Hampshire primary but thanked voters for "resetting the race," just one week after a disappointing finish in Iowa. "While the reality TV star is still doing well, it looks like you all have reset the race, and for that I'm really grateful," Bush said.
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Something has clicked for Jeb Bush in the last few days

February 9, 2016
Ed O'Keefe | The Washington Post
Speaking to a Rotary Club on Monday that his father once addressed as vice president, Jeb Bush admitted that he had long resisted visiting New Hampshire before he became a presidential candidate to avoid fueling speculation.

2016 race turns to New Hampshire; Clinton, Sanders debate "progressive" values; Cruz, Trump, Rubio lead Republican field

February 5, 2016
Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders debate one-on-one. Republican race shakes up after Iowa.
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Chris Christie and Jeb Bush Team Up on a Mutual Target: Marco Rubio

February 4, 2016
Jonathan Martin, Michael Barbaro | The New York Times
Frustrated and flailing as his candidacy threatens to slip away, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey is embarking on a scalding effort over the next week to discredit Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, the man he blames for undermining his campaign and whose ascendancy he deeply resents.
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Jeb Bush Attacks Trump Hard in Two-Minute Ad

February 3, 2016
Michael Scherer | TIME
Donald Trump long ago turned Jeb Bush into a “low-energy” punchline. But Bush isn’t done punching back. In a new two-minute ad, which will run this week in New Hampshire, he contrasts the controversial antics of candidate Trump, including a critical clip from Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, with Bush’s own tough-talking campaign stump speech.
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