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What has Biden accomplished (or not) in 2021?

December 16, 2021
Yamiche Alcindor, Anjuli Sastry Krbechek, Ayesha Rascoe, Audrey Nguyen, Sam Sanders, Jinae West, Liam Mcbain, Nathan Pugh, Jordana Hochman | NPR
Now that we're nearly a year into Joe Biden's presidency (and out of Donald Trump's)... what has Biden actually achieved? What promises has he kept or not kept?

Defending Democracy: At Home and Abroad

December 10, 2021
President Biden has been defending democracy abroad and domestically, including holding a call with President Putin as Russian troops gather at the Ukrainian border.
News You Need to Know

Biden Warns Putin Invasion of Ukraine to Be Met With Economic Response and More

December 9, 2021
Vivian Salama, Alex Leary, Ann M. Simmons | The Wall Street Journal
President Biden warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that the U.S. and its allies would meet a military invasion of Ukraine with strong economic penalties.

Turnover in VP Harris's Office and Fmr. Pres. Trump's COVID Test

December 3, 2021
The panel discussed the departure of two of Vice President Kamala Harris’ senior aides.

The Divided States of America

November 26, 2021
The panel discussed what divides us and what unites us on a special Thanksgiving edition of Washington Week.

Crime and Punishment in Washington and Kenosha

November 19, 2021
The nation's eyes are on Kenosha, WI after Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges.
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