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James Comey avoids prosecution for sharing classified memos

August 30, 2019
Pierre Thomas | ABC News
In a blistering report, the Justice Department's Inspector General says former FBI Director James Comey violated FBI policy by disclosing details of a controversial memo to the media laying out concerns about President Trump.
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After Epstein’s death, attorney general replaces leader at Bureau of Prisons

August 20, 2019
Devlin Barrett | The Washington Post
Attorney General William P. Barr announced Monday that he is replacing the head of the Bureau of Prisons, marking the latest fallout from the death in federal custody of multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was accused of sex trafficking and abuse.
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Attorney general rips ‘failure’ of prison officials to keep Epstein alive, vows to investigate any co-conspirators

August 13, 2019
Devlin Barrett, Matt Zapotosky, Rachel Weiner | The Washington Post
Attorney General William P. Barr on Monday decried what he called a “failure” by federal detention center officials in New York to secure Jeffrey Epstein, pointing to unspecified “irregularities” there that preceded the wealthy sex offender’s apparent suicide while in government custody.
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Behind the scenes of Trump's Epstein-Clinton conspiracy tweet

August 12, 2019
Jonathan Swan | Axios
On Saturday, the president of the United States retweeted a conspiracy theory video claiming Bill and Hillary Clinton had a hand in the death of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
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El Paso mass shooting treated as domestic terror case

August 6, 2019
Pierre Thomas | ABC News
We have seen a surge, the FBI says, in the number of hate crimes that we're seeing reported. Also, we're seeing a significant spike in what's defined as active shooter situations.
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FBI faces skepticism over its efforts against domestic terrorism

August 5, 2019
Devlin Barrett | The Washington Post
The FBI insists it is fully engaged in combating the threat of violence from white supremacists, but some former federal officials charge that the government is still coming up short in the face of a strain of American terrorism that now seems resurgent.
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Federal executions to resume, despite falling public support for death penalty

July 26, 2019
Amna Nawaz, Devlin Barrett | The PBS NewsHour
Attorney General William Barr has announced that the federal government will resume enforcement of the death penalty. No federal executions have occurred since 2003, in the face of increasing litigation over the constitutionality of the punishment.
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Justice Department tells Mueller to not answer a wide swath of questions

July 23, 2019
Devlin Barrett, Matt Zapotosky | The Washington Post
The Justice Department instructed former special counsel Robert S. Mueller III in a letter Monday not to answer a wide variety of questions about his investigation of the president and Russian interference in the 2016 election — a fresh indication of how difficult it may be to extract any new information or insights about the high-profile investigation when he testifies to Congress on Wednesday.
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Financier Taken Into Federal Custody On Allegations Of Sex Trafficking

July 8, 2019
Carrie Johnson | NPR
Hedge Fund Manager Jeffrey Epstein is due in a New York courtroom Monday after being arrested over the weekend. A source tells NPR that Epstein is facing allegations of sex trafficking.
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