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Trump Releases Mideast Peace Plan That Strongly Favors Israel

January 29, 2020
Michael Crowley, David Halbfinger | The New York Times
President Trump on Tuesday unveiled his long-awaited Middle East peace plan with a flourish, releasing a proposal that would give Israel most of what it has sought over decades of conflict while offering the Palestinians the possibility of a state with limited sovereignty.
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Jerusalem embassy is a victory for Trump, and a complication for Middle East peace

May 15, 2018
Julie Hirschfeld Davis | The New York Times
President Trump and senior members of his administration exulted on Monday over the opening of the United States’ new embassy in Jerusalem, dismissing the violence raging along the border with Gaza as the ceremony unfolded as “unfortunate propaganda.”
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U.S. Pave Hawk helicopter crashes in western Iraq, killing seven

March 16, 2018
Nancy Youssef | The Wall Street Journal
A U.S. Pave Hawk helicopter, operating as a medevac, crashed in western Iraq on Thursday, killing all seven service members aboard.
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Qataris Opted Not to Give Info On Kushner, Secret Meetings to Mueller

March 12, 2018
Carol Lee, Julia Ainsley, Robert Windrem, Andrew Lehren | NBC News
Qatari officials gathered evidence of what they claim is illicit influence by the United Arab Emirates on Jared Kushner and other Trump associates, including details of secret meetings, but decided not to give the information to special counsel Robert Mueller for fear of harming relations with the Trump administration, say three sources familiar with the Qatari discussions.
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Saudis Said to Use Coercion and Abuse to Seize Billions

March 12, 2018
Mark Mazzetti, Ben Hubbard, David Kirkpatrick, Kate Kelly | The New York Times
Businessmen once considered giants of the Saudi economy now wear ankle bracelets that track their movements. Princes who led military forces and appeared in glossy magazines are monitored by guards they do not command. Families who flew on private jets cannot gain access to their bank accounts. Even wives and children have been forbidden to travel.
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Trump’s Hopes of Being the ‘Neutral Guy’ in the Mideast Seem Long Gone

March 6, 2018
Peter Baker, David M. Halbfinger | The New York Times
In the midst of his campaign, President Trump vowed to bring peace to the Middle East by playing it down the middle between Israel and the Palestinians. “Let me be sort of a neutral guy,” he said. Two years later, any hopes of being the neutral guy are long gone.
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Pence delays Middle East trip in case his vote is needed on tax bill

December 15, 2017
Ashley Parker | The Washington Post
Vice President Pence delayed his trip to the Middle East and Germany this weekend and will remaining in Washington for a few extra days in case he is needed to cast a tiebreaking vote on Republican tax legislation, his spokeswoman said Thursday.
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U.S. to Remain in Syria Indefinitely, Pentagon Officials Say

December 9, 2017
Nancy Youssef | The Wall Street Journal
The Pentagon plans to keep some U.S. forces in Syria indefinitely, even after a war against the Islamic State extremist group formally ends, to take part in what it describes as ongoing counterterrorism operations, officials said.
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