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At Least Three Americans Killed in Afghanistan Blast

April 9, 2019
Nancy Youssef, Gordon Lubold | The Wall Street Journal
At least three American service members and a civilian contractor were killed in a Taliban attack on a convoy in Afghanistan on Monday, U.S. military officials said.
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Pentagon Imposes New Restrictions on Transgender Service Members

March 14, 2019
Nancy Youssef | The Wall Street Journal
The U.S. military imposed a series of new restrictions Wednesday on the ability of transgender people to serve in the armed forces, expanding the scope of ineligibility while stopping short of a ban.
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U.S. Still Hunting for Allied Cooperation in Syria

March 9, 2019
Nancy Youssef | The Wall Street Journal
Trump administration officials didn’t secure commitments from key European allies to send military forces to Syria, passing a target date set for Friday, but said they would continue building their case for allied involvement to prevent a resurgence of the Islamic State extremist group.
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U.S. to Revise Military Strategy for Exiting Syria

February 23, 2019
Nancy Youssef, Dion Nissenbaum | The Wall Street Journal
The U.S. military on Friday began to revamp its strategy in Syria, after President Trump decided to shift course and keep several hundred American troops in the country.
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February 13, 2019
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At Least Four Americans Killed in Syria Attack Claimed by Islamic State

January 17, 2019
Nancy Youssef, Raja Abdulrahim | The Wall Street Journal
A bombing in Syria claimed by Islamic State killed at least four Americans on Wednesday, the Pentagon said, hardening divisions in Washington over President Trump’s plan to withdraw troops from the country.
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Four Americans Killed in Islamic State Attack in Syria, Official Says

January 16, 2019
Jennifer Jacobs, Onur Ant | Bloomberg
U.S. forces in Syria sustained what may be their deadliest attack yet just a month after President Donald Trump claimed victory over Islamic State terrorists in the country and ordered a pullout of the American military.
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Turkey Seeks Major U.S. Military Support to Adopt Fight in Syria

January 5, 2019
Nancy Youssef, Michael R. Gordon, Dion Nissenbaum | The Wall Street Journal
Turkey is asking the U.S. to provide substantial military support, including airstrikes, transport and logistics, to allow Turkish forces to assume the main responsibility for fighting Islamic State militants in Syria, senior U.S. officials say.
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James Mattis to Depart as Defense Chief Over Troop Withdrawals from Syria, Afghanistan

December 21, 2018
Nancy Youssef, Rebecca Ballhaus | The Wall Street Journal
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said he would resign at the end of February after President Trump ordered the drawdown of all troops from Syria and many from Afghanistan, because his views no longer “aligned” with the president’s, an abrupt departure of a military figure considered a stalwart of national security.
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