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Exclusive: Trump never raised Russia's Taliban bounties with Putin

July 29, 2020
Jonathan Swan, Dave Lawler | Axios
President Trump has never confronted Vladimir Putin with intelligence indicating Russia paid the Taliban to kill U.S. troops, he told “Axios on HBO” in an interview on Tuesday.
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White House does not plan any immediate response over intelligence reports on Russian bounties targeting U.S. troops

July 2, 2020
Josh Dawsey, Ellen Nakashima, Karen DeYoung, Shane Harris | The Washington Post
The White House is not planning an immediate response to intelligence reports of Russian bounties given to Taliban-linked militants to kill U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan because President Trump does not believe the reports are true or “actionable,” according to two senior administration officials.
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Trump calls reports of Russian bounties on U.S. troops a “hoax”

July 2, 2020
Weijia Jiang | CBS News
President Trump called reports of alleged Russian bounties on U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan a “hoax,” noting he was never verbally briefed on the supposed plot. National security adviser Robert O’Brien said the raw intelligence was worrisome enough to share with the military.
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Republicans signal to Trump to back down on defense bill veto threat over renaming Confederate bases

July 2, 2020
Karoun Demirjian, Rachael Bade | The Washington Post
President Trump is increasingly isolated over his staunch defense of Confederate symbols on military bases, as uneasy congressional Republicans signal to the White House that now is not the time to hold the Pentagon hostage to this one issue.
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Congress demands answers from Trump over alleged Russian bounties

June 30, 2020
Weijia Jiang | CBS News
The White House insists President Trump was never briefed on reports of a Russian plot to target American troops in Afghanistan because the intelligence was "not verified.” Congress members from both parties, including top Republicans, are demanding answers.
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Officials familiar with Lafayette Square confrontation challenge Trump administration claim of what drove aggressive expulsion of protesters

June 15, 2020
Carol Leonnig, Josh Dawsey, Devlin Barrett, Aaron Davis | The Washington Post
During the nearly two weeks since authorities charged at peaceful protesters to push them from D.C. streets — about 30 minutes before President Trump walked through the area for a photo op — his aides, the attorney general and federal law enforcement officials have sought to shield the president from political fallout with a simple defense: One scene, they say, had nothing to do with the other.
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Trump Moves to Halt Bid to Drop Confederate Names From Military Bases

June 11, 2020
Nancy Youssef, Michael Gordon | The Wall Street Journal
President Trump on Wednesday sought to extinguish a growing national debate over whether 10 U.S. Army bases honoring Confederate officers should be renamed.
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Aircraft Carrier Outbreak Spread At First Without Symptoms, Officials Say

April 18, 2020
Nancy Youssef | The Wall Street Journal
A coronavirus outbreak spread through the USS Theodore Roosevelt, the site of the largest outbreak to strike the military, in part through asymptomatic transmission among sailors who unknowingly passed the virus to others, Pentagon officials said Friday.
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Trump invokes rare powers to combat coronavirus outbreak he previously downplayed, calling it ‘war’

March 19, 2020
Toluse Olorunnipa, Nick Miroff, Dan Lamothe | The Washington Post
President Trump invoked rarely used wartime powers and announced the deployment of two naval ships Wednesday as he tried to boost the federal response to the coronavirus outbreak after days of bureaucratic delays and missteps.
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