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Trump Calls for Up to 15,000 Troops at Border as Election Nears

November 1, 2018
Nancy Youssef, Alex Leary | The Wall Street Journal
President Trump amplified his anti-immigration message ahead of next week’s midterm elections, saying he was now prepared to deploy as many as 15,000 troops to the Mexican border in anticipation of a migrant caravan and would press ahead with his planned executive order to end birthright citizenship.
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Pence leaves open the possibility of nuclear weapons in space: ‘Peace comes through strength’

October 24, 2018
Robert Costa | The Washington Post
Vice President Pence on Tuesday declined to rule out the idea of deploying nuclear weapons in space, saying that the current ban on their use is “in the interest of every nation” but that the issue should be decided on “the principle that peace comes through strength.”
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‘I’m 100% With You,’ Trump Tells Mattis After Hinting at the Secretary’s Departure

October 16, 2018
Nancy Youssef | The Wall Street Journal
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said President Trump reassured him that he has his full support, even after Mr. Trump said in an interview that the two may not be politically aligned and that the secretary’s resignation could be imminent.
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Letters to Pentagon Held Castor Seeds, Not Ricin; Utah Man is Held

October 4, 2018
Nancy Youssef | The Wall Street Journal
Federal agents and local police detained a man Wednesday in Logan, Utah, in connection with letters sent to the Pentagon that initially were believed to contain the deadly poison ricin, as well as with a letter sent to the White House, officials said
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Suspected Ricin sent to Pentagon, suspicious letters to Trump, Ted Cruz office

October 3, 2018
Pete Williams, Mosheh Gains, Daniella Silva, Courtney Kube | NBC News
A flurry of suspicious envelopes targeting high-profile figures — including President Trump, Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Sen. Ted Cruz — were received in the past two days.
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DC mayor taunts Trump after cancellation of military parade

August 18, 2018
Abby Phillip, Veronica Stracqualursi | CNN
President Donald Trump sought to cast blame Friday for the cancellation of his planned military parade on Washington city council officials, saying they had inflated the cost.

More than 300 newspapers promote freedom of the press

August 17, 2018
The press pushes back.
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Trump Signs Defense Bill to Boost Military, Target China

August 14, 2018
Vivian Salama | The Wall Street Journal
President Trump signed into law Monday a defense-spending bill that received widespread bipartisan backing for its efforts to counter Chinese aggression and support U.S. military servicemen and women.
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Pence Lays Out Plans for 'Space Force' Sought by Trump

August 10, 2018
Nancy Youssef | The Washington Post
Army. Air Force. Navy. Marine Corps. Coast Guard. Space Force? Vice President Mike Pence laid out a plan Thursday to put President Trump’s stamp on the U.S. armed forces by creating a military command dedicated to space.
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