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North Korea

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Tensions rise after North Korea blows up liaison office

June 17, 2020
Margaret Brennan | CBS News
North Korea blew up a diplomacy office building in Kaesong, located at the border between North and South Korea. North Korea said those actions were provoked by South Korean activists who had sent leaflets critical of Kim Jong Un across the border.
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Exclusive: Trump tells Kim Jong-un he wants to resume talks

January 13, 2020
Jonathan Swan, Margaret Talev, Alayna Treene | Axios
White House national security adviser Robert O'Brien tells Axios that the Trump administration has "reached out to the North Koreans" to ask them to resume diplomacy that has been all but dead since October.
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Trump Bet He Could Isolate Iran and Charm North Korea. It’s Not That Easy.

January 2, 2020
David Sanger | The New York Times
President Trump entered the new year facing flare-ups of long-burning crises with two old adversaries — Iran and North Korea — that are directly challenging his claim to have reasserted American power around the world.
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Four Non-Campaign Stories to Watch in 2020

December 31, 2019
Jerry Seib | The Wall Street Journal
Before that obsession takes over, it is worth glancing forward into the four most important stories elsewhere in the world to watch in the coming year. These international events will have as much to say about the course of global affairs as will the presidential election here:
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Bolton Criticizes Trump Over Moves on North Korea

December 24, 2019
Vivian Salama, Nancy Youssef | The Wall Street Journal
President Trump’s former national security adviser, John Bolton, has criticized the administration’s efforts to broker the denuclearization of North Korea, saying they have been “more rhetorical” than real policy.
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Exclusive: John Bolton hits Trump for bluffing on North Korea nukes

December 23, 2019
Jonathan Swan | Axios
In his sharpest criticism yet of his old workplace, John Bolton suggested the Trump administration is bluffing about stopping North Korea's nuclear ambitions — and soon might need to admit publicly that its policy failed badly.
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U.S. Braces for Major North Korean Weapons Test as Trump’s Diplomacy Fizzles

December 21, 2019
David Sanger, Edward Wong, Michael Crowley | The New York Times
President Trump’s summits with Kim Jong-un have failed to bring concrete results, and the diplomatic vacuum has given North Korea more time to build its nuclear arsenal.
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North Korea snubs Trump, saying he hasn’t earned a new summit to ‘brag about'

November 19, 2019
Anne Gearan | The Washington Post
President Trump’s transactional approach to foreign policy assumes that everything has a price. The problem for him in his nuclear gamble with North Korea is that Kim Jong Un may not be buying. In a blunt put-down Monday, North Korea rejected what a senior adviser to Kim called another “fruitless” one-on-one with Trump. It was the latest reminder that Trump’s open-door policy for bargaining with authoritarians means those leaders can slam the door in his face.
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North Korea launches ballistic missile into Sea of Japan

October 2, 2019
Martha Raddatz | ABC News
The launch, the 11th this year, comes just days before North Korea is set to resume nuclear talks with the U.S.
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