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North Korea

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North Korea gave U.S. $2 million medical bill for Otto Warmbier

April 26, 2019
Paula Reid | CBS News
North Korea hit the U.S. with a $2 million bill for the hospital care of Otto Warmbier. The American student was held in a North Korean prison and died shortly after returning home.
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Trump Says He’s Open to Third North Korea Meeting, and ‘Smaller Deals’ Are Possible

April 12, 2019
Mark Landler | The New York Times
President Trump said on Thursday that he would be open to a third summit meeting with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, suggesting he is keen to revive a high-stakes engagement that was abruptly suspended six weeks ago after the two leaders failed to strike a nuclear disarmament deal in Vietnam.
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Trump Finds Personal Rapport Goes Only So Far With Xi and Kim

March 12, 2019
Mark Landler | The New York Times
To President Trump, all diplomacy is personal, especially with the two Asian strongmen he has courted most avidly, Kim Jong-un of North Korea and Xi Jinping of China. But Mr. Trump’s honeymoon with Mr. Kim came to an abrupt end in Vietnam last month, and his conviction that agreements between nations are little different than real estate deals between bosses now faces another stiff test with the Chinese president.
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New satellite photos raise concerns about North Korea’s nuclear arsenal

March 11, 2019
Kelly O'Donnell | NBC News
After the summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un ended in no deal, new commercial satellite images are raising concerns that North Korea is restoring its nuclear facilities. “I would be very disappointed if I saw testing,” the president said.
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3 stories you might have missed

March 6, 2019
Have you been keeping up? Check out these stories you might have missed.
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Exclusive: North Korea rebuilding missile site despite talks

March 6, 2019
Andrea Mitchell | NBC News
North Korea is rebuilding a key missile site, possibly in preparation for a test, photo evidence obtained by NBC News shows. This comes despite promises from Kim Jong Un to President Trump in Hanoi.
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Trump blames Cohen testimony in part for failed deal with North Korea

March 4, 2019
Seung Min Kim | The Washington Post
President Trump said Sunday that the congressional testimony of Michael Cohen, his former personal lawyer and fixer, was in part responsible for the collapse in negotiations with North Korea over its nuclear program last week — continuing to vent about the investigations encircling him and his associates.
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John Bolton tries to play clean up after Trump's Otto Warmbier remarks

March 4, 2019
Jonathan Swan | Axios
President Trump ignited outrage when he absolved Kim Jong-un of responsibility for the death of American college student Otto Warmbier, who left jail in North Korea in a terminal state.
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Even Before Trump and Kim Met, Nuclear Talks Had Run Aground

March 2, 2019
Vivian Salama, Michael R. Gordon, Jonathan Cheng | The Wall Street Journal
Weeks before President Trump journeyed to Vietnam for his second summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, there were unmistakable signs the historic meeting might not yield an agreement.
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