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For more than three years, President Donald Trump instilled such fear in the Republican Party’s leaders that most kept criticism of his turbulent leadership or inconsistent politics to themselves. That’s beginning to change.

June 30, 2020
Pete Williams | NBC News
Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the 5-4 ruling, which further lowered the wall of separation between the church and the state and will likely affect laws or constitutional provisions in more than two-thirds of the nation that bar public funding for churches and religious schools
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Trump ordered states to open churches. Can he do that?

May 23, 2020
President Donald Trump is making a show of siding with religious groups in their clashes with state and local authorities — but his own Justice Department’s actions are exposing the challenges involved in trying to bring the federal government's power to bear on the issue.
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Justice Department backs pastor challenging Va. Gov. Northam's social distancing order

May 5, 2020
Pete Williams | NBC News
The Justice Department is siding with a rural Virginia church that sued the state's governor after the pastor was charged with violating a social distancing order.
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Supreme Court to decide whether faith-based foster-care agencies can reject same-sex couples

February 24, 2020
Pete Williams | NBC News
The Supreme Court said Monday it will take up a dispute between the city of Philadelphia and a Catholic charity over the suitability of same-sex parents to provide foster care. The issue is when enforcement of laws against discrimination goes too far, violating religious freedom.
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In Miami Speech, Trump Tells Evangelical Base: God Is ‘on Our Side’

January 4, 2020
Maggie Haberman, Jessica Medina | The New York Times
President Trump, who has been gripped by anxiety about evangelical voters abandoning him, took wide swipes at Democratic rivals one day after the strike on a top Iranian leader.
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Suspect in Pittsburgh synagogue shooting is charged in 44-count hate-crime indictment

November 1, 2018
Devlin Barrett, Matt Zapotosky , Mark Berman | The Washington Post
The suspect in a grisly shooting that left 11 people dead at a Pittsburgh synagogue was charged Wednesday in a 44-count indictment accusing him of federal hate crimes.
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Trump’s Visit to Pittsburgh Divides a City Mourning Victims of Hate

October 31, 2018
Julie Hirschfeld Davis, Campbell Robertson, Trip Gabriel | The New York Times
One of Pittsburgh’s most solemn days began with hundreds coming together in anguish and grief in synagogues and at gravesides, to start the services for those killed as they prayed on the Sabbath. In the afternoon, they came together again, in shivas to honor the dead and comfort the living, and, later by the thousands, in solemn marches of protest around the Squirrel Hill neighborhood where the attack took place on Saturday.
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WATCH: Leaders respond to Pittsburgh shooting

October 29, 2018
A story we're following: A shooter targeted a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and left 11 dead. The shooter was taken into custody and leaders around the country are reacting to the tragedy.
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