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President Biden Starts a Foreign Policy Shift

April 16, 2021
President Joe Biden announced a historic withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, as protests erupt over the killing of Daunte Wright. The panel discussed the president’s foreign policy and the pause of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Nancy Cordes of CBS News guest moderates.
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Biden Administration to Impose Tough Sanctions on Russia

April 15, 2021
David Sanger, Lara Jakes, Julian E. Barnes | The New York Times
The Biden administration is set to announce on Thursday a string of long-awaited measures against Russia, including far-reaching financial sanctions, for the hacking of government and private networks and a range of other activity, according to people who have been briefed on the moves.

The Electoral College Affirms Joe Biden’s Victory & the Vaccines Take Off

December 18, 2020
On Monday, the Electoral College officially confirmed Joe Biden as the president-elect, and some Republicans have started to recognize his victory over President Donald Trump. Meanwhile the country continues to grapple the effects of COVID-19 as stimulus talks near a potential conclusion on Capitol Hill. The panel also discussed the FDA approving the Moderna vaccine and hacks of American national security infrastructure.
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Iran and Russia Seek to Influence Election in Final Days, U.S. Officials Warn

October 22, 2020
David Sanger, Julian Barnes | The New York Times
Iran and Russia have both obtained American voter registration data, top national security officials announced late on Wednesday, providing the first concrete evidence that the two countries are stepping in to try to influence the presidential election as it enters its final two weeks.
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C.I.A. Reasserts Putin Is Likely Directing Election Influence Efforts to Aid Trump

September 23, 2020
David Sanger, Julian Barnes | The New York Times
President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia is most likely continuing to approve and direct interference operations aimed at raising President Trump’s re-election chances, a recent C.I.A. analysis concluded, a signal that intelligence agencies continue to back their assessment of Russian activities despite the president’s attacks.
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Wildfires, Election Interference Highlight Political Inaction On Key Issues

September 12, 2020
Asma Khalid, Tamara Keith, Miles Parks, Lauren Sommer | NPR
As wildfires rage across the west, activists are noting the campaign's relative silence on the issue of climate change. Natural disasters of all sorts, from heat waves to hurricanes, are made worse as humans continue to increase their emissions.

The Washington Week Bookshelf: “Donald Trump v. The United States: Inside the Struggle to Stop a President"

September 11, 2020
Pulitzer-prize winning reporter Michael Schmidt of The New York Times discusses his latest book “Donald Trump v. The United States: Inside the Struggle to Stop a President,” a fascinating and detailed account of the White House during Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. The book looks focuses on two key players: former FBI Director James Comey, and former White House Counsel Don McGahn. This is part of our ongoing Washington Week Bookshelf series.
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