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Same-sex marriage laws

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Edith Windsor, who fought to overturn DOMA, dies at 88

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June 28, 2013
“I lived with and loved Thea Spyer for more than four decades in love and joy.”
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#16for2016: "I'm a Republican, but I'm for gay marriage"

September 17, 2015
"I'm a Republican, but I'm for gay marriage," Casey says. "Everybody's equal."
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Does Kim Davis, Kentucky Clerk Blocking Gay Marriages, Have Legal Grounds?

September 3, 2015
Pete Williams | NBC News
The county official in rural Kentucky who has become the focal point for resistance to the U.S. Supreme Court's gay marriage decision will appear this morning before a federal judge to explain why she should not be held in contempt of court.
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Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Defies Supreme Court, Turns Down Gay Couples

September 2, 2015
Pete Williams, Erin McClam | NBC News
Defying the Supreme Court and invoking "God's authority," a Kentucky county clerk on Tuesday turned away two same-sex couples seeking marriage licenses — and then was summoned to federal court.
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Supreme Court Rules Against Kentucky Clerk in Gay Marriage Case

September 1, 2015
Pete Williams | NBC News
The U.S. Supreme Court late Monday rejected an appeal from a county clerk in Kentucky who said she could not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of her religious objections.
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Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Raises Questions Of Religious Rights, Tax Status

July 17, 2015
Tom Gjelten | NPR
Religious colleges worry that if they stick to their convictions, they may lose tax-exempt status. That happened to Bob Jones University in 1983 because it continued to prohibit interracial dating.
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Steve King wants resolution denouncing Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling

July 7, 2015
Ed O'Keefe | The Washington Post
Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) says he is working on introducing a nonbinding resolution of disapproval against the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage.

The Long Road to Same-Sex Marriage, Latest Clinton Email Release & Jeb Bush's Tax Returns

July 3, 2015
An in-depth look at the battle to win same-sex, an analysis of Clinton through her emails, and Bush releases his tax returns.
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