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Biden sets deadlines for the COVID response as the GOP debates its future

February 19, 2021
President Joe Biden held his first town hall this week, answering about the vaccine rollout and his plans to get the country through the pandemic. The panel discussed where the Biden administration stands on the push to reopen classrooms, the government's response to Texas’s debilitating winter storm, and the cold war between Sen. Mitch McConnell and former President Donald Trump. CBS Senior White House Correspondent Weijia Jiang guest moderates.
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How Cruz and Trump learned to like each other

January 14, 2017
Ted Cruz was once one of Donald Trump’s most vocal critics. Now he's one of the president-elect's most important Senate allies.
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Donald Trump Celebrates With Victory Lap, but Feud Festers

July 23, 2016
Heather Haddon | The Wall Street Journal
On day after convention, Republican nominee says he wouldn’t accept a future endorsement from Ted Cruz
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The Boo in the Q

July 22, 2016
John Dickerson | CBS News
The crowd wasn't booing Ted Cruz: they were saying "Cruuuuuuuuz."
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Ted Cruz Stirs Convention Fury in Pointed Snub of Donald Trump

July 21, 2016
Jonathan Martin, Patrick Healy | The New York Times
The Republican convention erupted into tumult on Wednesday night as the bitter primary battle between Donald J. Trump and Senator Ted Cruz reignited unexpectedly, crushing hopes that the party could project unity.
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Ted Cruz Plots Comeback at Conservative Dinner

June 16, 2016
| The Wall Street Journal
Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday night attended a private dinner of conservative leaders who, looking beyond 2016, want to keep him in the forefront of their movement and plot the next stage of his political career — likely another run for the White House in 2020.
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Ted Cruz Backers Seek to Control Convention Platform

May 10, 2016
Jonathan Martin | The New York Times
Senator Ted Cruz’s supporters are mounting an effort to seize control of the Republican platform and the rules governing the party’s July convention, the first indication that Mr. Cruz will not simply hand his delegates over to Donald J. Trump.
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas)
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Republican Party prepares for Ted Cruz's next act

May 5, 2016
Manu Raju | CNN
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz promised his party Tuesday that he is "not suspending our fight for liberty." And that is precisely what many Senate Republicans fear.
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Ted Cruz suspends his presidential campaign

May 3, 2016
After a disappointing double-digit loss to Donald Trump in Indiana's primary, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz concluded he has no path to the Republican nomination and suspended his campaign. He vowed to continue his movement. RNC Chairman called Trump the "presumptive nominee."
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