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Pipe bomb package suspect Cesar Sayoc had list of over 100 potential targets

October 30, 2018
Pete Williams, Jonathan Dienst, Kerry Sanders, David K. Li | NBC News
Pipe-bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc on Monday made his first appearance before a federal judge in Miami, as law enforcement sources revealed that he kept a list of more than 100 potential targets.

Suspicious packages put the nation on edge

October 26, 2018
Terror by mail and fear on the campaign trail.
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Suspicious bomb packages addressed to Sen. Cory Booker, James Clapper found

October 26, 2018
Pete Williams, Elisha Fieldstadt | NBC News
Two more packages containing explosive devices were discovered Friday, one in Florida addressed to Sen. Cory Booker and another in New York addressed to former U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, officials said.
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Terrorist Threat ‘More Fluid and Complex Than Ever,’ White House Says

October 5, 2018
Mark Landler, Eric Schmitt | The New York Times
The Trump administration vowed to fight “radical Islamist” militants, as well as Iran, as part of a multifront campaign to eliminate the terrorist threat to the United States, according a long-delayed counterterrorism strategy released on Thursday by the White House.
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Trump cedes Syrian postwar planning to Putin

November 22, 2017
Michael Crowley | POLITICO
With rebel fighters largely routed and the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, driven from most of Syria’s territory, experts and U.S. officials say the real fight now is about a regional power struggle playing out in the country.
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Trump Returns North Korea to List of State Sponsors of Terrorism

November 21, 2017
David Sanger, Michael D. Shear | The New York Times
President Trump on Monday officially designated North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism, a provocative diplomatic move that he said was aimed at drastically increasing pressure on the rogue nation to abandon its pursuit of nuclear weapons.
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Did Donald Trump subvert the case against New York City terror suspect?

November 3, 2017
Joan Biskupic | CNN
Trump's statements, as they stand, likely would not be a factor not in jurors' consideration of Saipov's guilt or innocence, but rather in a sentence of, say life in prison or death. Even then, McCarthy added, jurors may not be influenced by Trump.
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