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Voting rights

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Trump wants to cut mail-in voting. The Republican machine is helping him.

August 8, 2020
Anita Kumar | POLITICO
This past spring, President Donald Trump began a full-fledged assault on voting by mail, tweeting, retweeting and railing about massive fraud and rigged elections with scant evidence.
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Trump's own intelligence officials contradict his repeated claims of mail-in voting fraud

August 1, 2020
Manu Raju, Alex Marquardt, Pamela Brown | CNN
US intelligence officials on Friday discounted the possibility of foreign countries mass producing fake ballots to interfere in the November elections, contradicting President Donald Trump's continued insistence that mail-in voting poses a significant threat to election security.
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Mail Delays Fuel Concern Trump Is Undercutting Postal System Ahead of Voting

August 1, 2020
Michael Shear, Hailey Fuchs, Kenneth Vogel | The New York Times
Welcome to the next election battleground: the post office. President Trump’s yearslong assault on the Postal Service and his increasingly dire warnings about the dangers of voting by mail are colliding as the presidential campaign enters its final months. The result has been to generate new concerns about how he could influence an election conducted during a pandemic in which greater-than-ever numbers of voters will submit their ballots by mail.
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'A giant warning siren': Concerns about November's election grow after Georgia's disastrous primary

June 11, 2020
Abby Phillip | CNN
A perfect storm of Election Day problems made parts of Georgia the new poster child for the perils states face as they adapt American voting procedures to meet the needs of voters during a pandemic. In many ways, Georgia's chaotic experience -- which was concentrated in densely populated Fulton and DeKalb counties -- was predictable.

How to win an election during a pandemic

May 15, 2020
There are fewer than 6 months left until the 2020 presidential election. The panel discussed Joe Biden’s search for a running mate, the Trump campaign’s strategy to win during a pandemic, and the latest polling data.
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Coronavirus threatens a guarded tradition for many black Americans: Voting in person

May 9, 2020
Abby Phillip | CNN
For millions of black voters across the country... voting in person has been a guarded tradition -- a right earned after decades of strenuous and bloody fights. But this year, much of that could be upended by Covid-19, which has savagely ripped through black neighborhoods and counties at disproportionate rates, leaving illness death and fear in its wake.
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House Passes Voting Rights Bill Despite Near Unanimous Republican Opposition

December 7, 2019
Sheryl Gay Stolberg, Emily Cochrane | The New York Times
The House voted on Friday to reinstate federal oversight of state election law, moving to bolster protections against racial discrimination enshrined in the 1965 Voting Rights Act, the landmark civil rights statute whose central provision was struck down by the Supreme Court.
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Supreme Court strikes down Michigan gerrymandering ruling

October 22, 2019
Hallie Jackson, Pete Williams | NBC News
The Supreme Court has tossed out a Michigan gerrymandering ruling that the court deemed too "partisan" because state voters would not be accurately represented.
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After Resisting, McConnell and Senate G.O.P. Back Election Security Funding

September 20, 2019
Carl Hulse | The New York Times
Facing mounting criticism for blocking proposals to bolster election security, Senator Mitch McConnell on Thursday threw his weight behind a new infusion of $250 million to help states guard against outside interference in the 2020 voting.
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