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Landing of Negroes at Jamestown from a Dutch Man-of-War, 1619

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Landing of Negroes at Jamestown from a Dutch Man-of-War, 1619

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Howard Pyle illustrated many historical and adventure stories for periodicals, including Harper's Weekly. In 1917, he created this depiction of the 1619 arrival of Virginia's first blacks.

Howard Pyle studied at the Art Students League in New York City. His work, noted for its colorful realism and attention to historical detail, gained him a large following. He also illustrated books for children, including The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood and Treasure Island, and wrote and illustrated his own folktales, including The Wonder Clock, all of which have become classics.

In this image, the Dutch sailors, who have captured the blacks from a Spanish ship, are negotiating a trade with the Jamestown settlers for food. No record of the ship's name was made at the time.

Image Credit: The Library of Virginia

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