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A View of Calabar

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A View of Calabar

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A View of Calabar, along with its accompanying image, An Englishman Tastes the Sweat of an African, were among the first visual representations of the workings of the slave trade. The copper engravings were made in 1725 by Serge Daget and later published in a "handbook for sea captains" entitled Le commerce de l'Amerique par Marseille in 1764.

Accompanying the engraving was a numbered list of descriptions in French, the numbers of which corresponded to those on the image.

5. Ship at anchor waiting for the completion of the Slave Trade.
6. Launch carrying purchased slaves to the Slave Ship.
7. Negroes on the shore who are wailing and shrieking on viewing their relatives or friends being taken away.

Image Credit: Bibliothèque Nationale

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