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Modern Voices
Margaret Washington on the rise of Africans' concern after the Stono Rebellion
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Q: In in the aftermath of Stono, and there are other rebellions that are taking place in the Caribbean and other places, is there a heightened sense of concern or fear around the these large populations of Africans?
Margaret Washington

A: The Stono era was a period of massive importations. It was also a period of rising expectations as far as the Africans were concerned, repression as far as the whites were concerned, and rebellion. Stono was sort of part of a continuum. There was the massive rebellion in Antigua in 1737. There was the New York conspiracy of 1741. It seemed as though in these places where there was a large concentrations of Africans, the screws were being tightened on them more, [until] they began to resist.
Margaret Washington
Associate Professor of History
Cornell Universiy

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