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Virtual and in-person sneak peek screenings of American Veteran, and events related to the project, are happening across the country, hosted by nonprofits, institutions, and community groups. This list is regularly updated so please check back for more events. 



THURS, NOV 18, 2021


Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, Brown University  (VIRTUAL)

Providence, RI


THURS, NOV 11, 2021


A Hero's Welcome? The veteran experience at home (VIRTUAL)

What does it mean to serve a country that doesn't serve you?

Join AMERICAN EXPERIENCE for a virtual PAST FORWARD discussion—inspired in part by their film The Blinding of Isaac Woodard—that will explore the history of representation, respect, and support of BIPOC and women veterans, as well as where we are today in this regard.


THURS, NOV 11, 2021


Veterans Day Film Screening of "American Veteran" (IN PERSON)

Northern Vermont University-Lyndon

Moore Community Room, 1001 College Road, Lyndonville, VT


WEDS, NOV 11, 2021


"American Veteran" Panel Discussion and Q&A  (VIRTUAL)
Join "American Veteran" and the Military Women's Memorial for a panel discussion and highlights from the multi-platform "American Veteran" initiative.


WEDS, NOV 10, 2021


Ferguson Library and Stamford Veterans Park Partnership  (VIRTUAL)

Stamford, Connecticut


TUES, NOV 9, 2021

5:00PM EDT

Clemson University Veterans Commission  (IN PERSON)
Clemson University Outdoor Amphitheatre, 

201 Sikes Hall, CLemson, SC

THUR, OCT 28, 2021

7:00PM EDT

Minority Veterans of America (VIRTUAL)
Richmond, VA

Our Stories, Our Truth: When the Uniform Comes Off

Please join us for an evening of sharing space and bearing witness to our collective truth as we honor the ongoing sacrifice of servicemembers of color and the challenges they face.


TUES, OCT 26, 2021


Veterans and Military Service Members Ministry (VIRTUAL)
Washington D.C.

After viewing a series of clips, we will host a group discussion led by Professor Gary Senecal, author of "American & NATO Veteran Reintegration: The Trauma of Social Isolation & Cultural Chasms." 


TUES, OCT 26, 2021


HillVets CAPCON American Veteran Screening & Discussion (IN PERSON)
1812 N. Moore St

Arlington, VA

HillVets CAPCON, a nonpartisan leadership forum created by LEAD protégés, represents the culmination of the program training and will present, timely, dynamic, relevant issues faced within our veteran and military communities.


WEDS, OCT 20, 2021

American Veteran Series Exclusive Preview and Panel Discussion (VIRTUAL)
Moderator Arun Rath, an NPR and GBH correspondent, leads us behind the scenes of this thought-provoking documentary as Veterans share their intensely diverse and personal experiences both during and after their service to our country.


TUES, OCT 19, 2021


WHRO Public Media / ECPI University (VIRTUAL)
Norfolk, VA


WEDS, OCT 13, 2021


AARP Virginia Preview Screening of Film American Veteran (VIRTUAL)

AARP Virginia State Office, Richmond, VA


WEDS, OCT 13, 2021


AARP Virginia Preview Screening of Film American Veteran (VIRTUAL)

AARP Virginia State Office, Richmond, VA


SAT, OCT 2, 2021                       

Rally Point: Inside "American Veteran", and Upcoming PBS Series  (VIRTUAL)
Learn more about the documentary that explores Veterans’ inspiration to serve and their eventual transition from service member to civilian. Featuring GBH producer Amanda Pollack and Cody Ayon, a Navy and Army Veteran from the film.


SUN, SEPT 19, 2021                       

TELL. : Honoring the 10th Anniversary of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'  (VIRTUAL)
by Minority Veterans of America