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  • Eleanor Roosevelt | Article

    Biography: Theodore Roosevelt

    Read about the life of the United States' 26th president.

  • Eleanor Roosevelt | Article

    Eleanor Roosevelt's "My Day"

    Eleanor Roosevelt's "My Day" syndicated newspaper column allowed her to reach millions of Americans with her views on social and political issues, current and historical events, and her private and public life.

  • Film

    American Experience | America and the Holocaust

    Complex social and political factors shaped America's response to the Holocaust, from "Kristallnacht" in 1938 through the liberation of the death camps in 1945. For a short time, the US had an opportunity to open its doors, but instead erected a "paper wall," a bureaucratic maze that prevented all but a few Jewish refugees from entering the country. It was not until 1944, that a small band of Treasury Department employees forced the government to respond. 

  • Film

    Amelia Earhart

    The first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, Earhart disappeared in 1937 during an attempt to circumnavigate the world by airplane.

  • Eleanor Roosevelt | Article

    Eleanor's Take on the Day

    Eleanor Roosevelt's thoughts on women, prohibition, space, television, and much more. 

  • TR | Article

    Did you know? TR Trivia

    Teddy bear. Bully pulpit. Muck raking. What else can be traced back to Theodore Roosevelt?  

  • The Polio Crusade | Image Gallery

    The Polio Crusade

    In the mid-twentieth century, the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis (the predecessor to today’s March of Dimes) pioneered a new approach to philanthropy, raising money a dime at a time from millions of small donors.

  • Film

    The Vote

    One hundred years after the passage of the 19th Amendment, The Vote tells the dramatic culmination story of the hard-fought campaign waged by American women for the right to vote, a transformative cultural and political movement that resulted in the largest expansion of voting rights in U.S. history.

  • Cold War Roadshow | Timeline

    Khrushchev's Trip Itinerary

    Khrushchev said he was “curious to have a look at America” and had been trying to get an invitation from President Dwight Eisenhower for several years.

  • American Experience | America and the Holocaust | Article

    We Will Never Die Pageant

    On a stage in Madison Square Garden, a rabbi opened a performance dedicated to the murdered Jews of Europe.

  • Mount Rushmore | Article

    The Contest to Explain Mount Rushmore

    Among his first ideas about carving Mount Rushmore into the likenesses of American presidents, the sculptor, Gutzon Borglum, insisted that there should be an explanatory inscription, which he called the Entablature.

  • American Experience | America and the Holocaust | Article

    The "Bergson Boys"

    Peter Bergson and his followers were driven by one belief: the need to act with all haste to save the remaining Jews in Europe.

  • Film

    Grand Coulee Dam

    At once the story of an astonishing engineering achievement, and a cautionary tale about arrogance, our relationship to the natural world, and the price of progress.

  • Eleanor Roosevelt | Article

    Biography: J. Edgar Hoover

    In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge appointed J. Edgar Hoover head of the Bureau of Investigation, a position Hoover had long coveted. 

  • Voice of Freedom | Audio

    The Music of Marian Anderson

    Listen to a selection of Marian Anderson’s recordings.

  • Article

    Rhetoric Revisited: FDR’s “Infamy” Speech

    A speechwriter dissects Franklin Roosevelt’s famous Pearl Harbor address.

  • Alone on the Ice | Article

    Bolling Byrd Clarke

    Bolling Byrd Clarke, daughter of Richard E. Byrd, was interviewed in 1998 for the documentary Alone on the Ice.

  • Triangle Fire | Article

    Pauline Newman: Organizer

    Pauline Newman worked tirelessly to organize garment workers around the country. She was devasted by the Triangle Shirtwaist fire. 

  • Fly Girls | Article

    Establishing the Women's Airforce Service Pilots

    Jackie Cochran and Nancy Harkness Love team up to create the first corps of female pilots to fly for the U.S. Army.

  • Hijacked! | Article

    The Cold War in 1970

    Although the United States and Soviet Union had begun a process of détente in 1970, both sides were still anxious that the other not achieve any advantage in the overall balance of power