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  • Influenza 1918 | Article

    Biography: Victor Vaughan

    As a doctor during the Spanish-American War, Vaughan witnessed the devastating effects of typhoid. But that paled in comparison to the horrible death brought on by influenza in 1918.

  • Film

    Influenza 1918

    It was the worst epidemic in American history, killing over 600,000 — until it disappeared as mysteriously as it had begun.

  • Influenza 1918 | Timeline

    Influenza Across America in 1918

    Read a detailed timeline of the 1918 epidemic that ultimately killed upwards of 600,000 people.

  • Influenza 1918 | Image Gallery

    Medical Investigation of Influenza

    The surprise pandemic of 1918 shook Americans’ confidence in the medical establishment that had previously found vaccines for other lethal diseases.

  • Film

    Walt Whitman

    He is today one of the most-recognized figures in American literary history: poet, patriot and faithful advocate of democracy.

  • Film


    An unknown politician from Missouri who suddenly found himself president, Harry Truman was the least prepared of all the men who had held the highest office, but he would prove to be a surprise — the unlikely rise of a gritty American original.