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Executive Producer
Meredith Nierman

Ayelet Ronen

Project Manager
Cassie Irwin

Cassandra Sell

Dan Paquin
Michael Steadman

Additional Development Support
Jon Ellenberger
Alex Jones

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Ayelet Ronen

Director of Product
Jim Bodor

Design Director
Alison Morando

Business Manager
Alan West

Vice President for Broadband and Interactive Media
Alexis Rapo

Special Thanks
Tara Taylor
Jay Thompson
Amy Stahl

Production Credits

Writer, Producer, Director
Larkin McPhee

Steve Fischer

Meryl Streep

Executive Producer
Laurie Donnelly

For WGBH Educational Foundation

Senior Executive-in-Charge
Denise DiIanni

Senior Program Producer
Anne Adams

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Nicholas Pollard

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Dave Allen

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Adrienne Rahn

National Marketing & Station Relations
Bara Levin
Mandy Miller
Eileen Campion
Eddie Ward
Christian Gay
Jason Lieberman

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Eric Brass
Jay Fialkov
Jessica Fjeld

Amy Green

Business Manager
Tara Mahoozi

For Larkin McPhee Productions

Associate Producer
Heather Fisch

Bruce Anderson
Matt Ehling
Steve Fischer
Jason Longo
Joel Weber

Sam Kashefi
Jeff Marcovis
Alek Roslik
John Sims
Tom Skarda

Animation and Title Design
Brian Olson

Sound Mix
Kent Militzer


Audrey Adelson
Dr. Joseph Gaugler
Dr. Joanne Lynn

Special Thanks
Augustana Open Circle of Heritage Park
Drone footage - Aaron Gelperin, Wide Angle Studio
Mary Mittelman, NYU Langone Medical Center
Monroe Village and Volunteers of America, Minnesota and Wisconsin

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