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Critical Acclaim
About the television series:

New York Times, 24 September 2001
"'Evolution' ... is bustling with ideas. A powerful sense of drama, discovery and intellectual enthusiasm runs through this rich eight-hour series..."

"The series covers an enormous amount of ground but doesn't leave you feeling swamped. It's also soothing, approaching its sometimes fiery subject with a comforting sense of humanism."
-Julie Salamon

Boston Globe, 24 September 2001
" ... brilliant television: an enthralling modern adventure story, entertaining and accessible, challenging and even disturbing."

" ... 'Evolution' is a reminder of what television can do...sets a new standard for science journalism...a majestic portrait of an idea that is still evolving."
-Gareth Cook

New York Times, 9 September 2001
" ... PBS has chosen an apt moment to consider where we came from and where we might be going. By definition, 'Evolution' is a vast undertaking, touching on the many implications of evolutionary theory: historical, philosophical, scientific, theological and even sexual."
-Julie Salamon

TV Guide, 22 September 2001
"As grand ... as the system it celebrates, this eight-hour project spans not only the life of Charles Darwin but the life of, well, life."

"The makers of this exhaustive documentary should be proud ... "
-Susan Stewart

Natural History, 1 October 2001
"Why has no one until now had the brilliant idea of putting together a series explicitly about evolution? ... The series presents its fascinating story in a lively yet responsible manner, bound to delight and inform."
-Frans B. M. de Waal

Wired, October 2001
" ... this isn't your mother's nature program. The series triumphs in presenting evolution not as a thing of ancient history but a force in present-day life ... "
-Stacey Smith Lang

Science magazine, September 2001
"For viewers interested in the history of ideas and the scope of contemporary evolutionary theory, the seven episodes of PBS's 'Evolution' provide diverse and fascinating examples of how rapidly our understanding of this important natural process is growing ... Viewers who approach it with curiosity will be rewarded ... "
-Timothy Goldsmith

Washington Parent, September 2001
"A great educational show for the entire family."
-Louisa Jaggar

Catholic News Service, 10 September 2001
"Parents may view 'Evolution' as an opportunity to discuss with their children the theory of evolution and how it relates to our faith."
-Anne Navarro

Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 4 September 2001
" ... an ambitious and provocative PBS series ..."
-Michael Storey

Denver Post, 23 September 2001
"In the first week after the attacks, 320 babies were born in New York City, ABC noted in a graphic under the heading 'life goes on.' In the midst of death, life. The human race continues to propagate, even at ground zero. Those babies are now part of the family, although not necessarily a big, happy human family. Those babies are connected to all of us. Like us, they are related to every living thing. We're all evolving, more or less, together. There is proof of goodness all around us. In the midst of mass destruction, evolution. As we face the prospect of living on alert, tuned to endless news bulletins, PBS fortunately has decided not to postpone its landmark series about evolution this week. This may be just the intellectual diversion we need. For those in the right mind, it could be a near-religious experience."
-Joanne Ostrow

Washington Post, 23 September 2001
"The documentary series gets off to an unusual start by dramatizing the life of Charles Darwin, who altered the scientific landscape 142 years ago by proposing that all life evolved from a single organism over hundreds of millions of years."

"Viewers concerned about creationism and evolution may be particularly interested in the concluding installment, which addresses the struggle between science and religion."
-Patricia Brennan

Boston and Providence Phoenix, 21 September 2001
"Evolution is a dizzying tour that takes us all over the world and packs its engaging episodes with food for thought. It's an Achievement."

"PBS and WGBH have given us a must-see introduction to Darwin ... "
-Jeffrey Gantz, September 2001
"There's a lot of practical magic in public TV's engrossing eight-hour series 'Evolution' ..."
- Kinney Littlefield

Richmond Style Weekly, 18 September 2001
"There are a lot of 'wow' moments in the PBS-TV series 'Evolution'."

"'Evolution' is brilliantly executed educational TV. And if that's not enough to make you tune in, surely the 'wow' factor will be."

"You've got to hand it to PBS. ... an examination of evolution can be polarizing. But the PBS series is not. It is thoughtful, fair and impartial."

- Don Dale
The Buffalo News, 8 October 2001
"Over the years, PBS has done us proud ... But I believe that PBS topped even this honored tradition in late September with its series 'Evolution.' Overall, these were the finest programs I have ever seen on television."

- Gerry Rising

About the companion book, Evolution: Triumph of an Idea, by Carl Zimmer:

Discover, October 2001
" ... unlike other coffee table tomes accompanying such programs, Carl Zimmer's Evolution is particularly worthy of notice."
-Jeffrey Winters

Science magazine, September 2001
" ... richly illustrated and lucidly written."
-Timothy Goldsmith

Palo Alto Weekly, 29 August 2001
"In Evolution, a richly illustrated companion book to the PBS series, Zimmer tells the compelling story of this radical theory, from Darwin to cutting-edge contemporary science. At a time when controversies surrounding creationism and education are surging anew, Zimmer and his colleagues (including Stephen Jay Gould) present an essential analysis of a ‘dangerous idea’ -- one that changed the study of science and shook religion to its foundations."

Publisher's Weekly, 6 August 2001
"Science writer Zimmer does a superb job of providing a sweeping overview of most of the topics critical to understanding evolution ... "

Boston Herald, 14 October 2001
"In the companion book to the PBS series on evolution, science writer Carl Zimmer provides a satisfying overview of the ''dangerous idea'' that permanently altered humanity's perception of its place in the natural order."
--Rob Mitchell

About the Web site:

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