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Complete program description for educators
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Show 7: What About God?

57 minutes, 6 DVD chapters

  Chapter 1. Prologue (2:01)  

Introduction to the show's theme: the debate between evolution and creationism

  • Who participates in this debate?
  • What are the stakes?

  Chapter 2. Biblical Literalism (6:38)  

Biblical literalism and the war against evolution

  • Ken Ham, a well-known proponent of Biblical literalism
  • The Scopes trial and creationism's victory in the schools
  • With the advent of the space race, evolution returned to the classroom

  Chapter 3. The Students at Wheaton (13:57)  

Students at a conservative Christian college grapple with faith and evolution

  • Students confronted by scientific evidence that challenges their beliefs
  • A geology student and his family discuss evolution and creationism
  • Where do the soul and sin belong in evolution? For Wheaton students, these questions are deeply personal, not theoretical

  Chapter 4. Wheaton's Conflict (13:15)  

Teaching evolution at a Christian college

  • Wheaton students debate allegorical and literal interpretations of Genesis
  • Professors must sign a statement of faith, affirming their literal belief in human descent from Adam and Eve
  • How Wheaton College approaches evolution

  Chapter 5. Trouble at Lafayette High (16:11)  

High school teachers and students, caught in the debate between creationism and evolution

  • Indiana high school students petition for "special creation" to be added to the science curriculum
  • The National Center for Science Education and their defense of evolution education
  • Creation science, evolution, and the separation of church and state
  • What is science? Creation science avoids the requirements of science

  Chapter 6. Return to Wheaton (4:29)  

Summary of Wheaton students' thoughts on faith and evolution

  • Is studying evolution a threat to students' faith?
  • Wheaton College's perspective
  • Students' thoughts on living as scientists and Christians

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