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Origin of Species

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From one to many: All of the species within each of the groups below share a common ancestor. Click on the image of one of the groups to see some of its more notable representatives -- and explore the results of adaptive radiation.

Tenrecs of Madagascar

The 30 species of this diverse group of mammals are unique to the island of Madagascar. They all share a common ancestor that probably arrived near the end of the age of the dinosaurs, 60 or 70 million years ago.

Long-tailed shrew tenrec

Common name: Lesser hedgehog tenrec
Scientific name: Echinops telfairi

Streaked tenrec

Common name: Tailless tenrec
Scientific name: Tenrec ecaudatus

Soricoid shrew tenrec

Common name: Water shrew
Scientific name: Geogale aurita

Rice tenrec

Common name: Tree Shrew
Scientific name: Microgale taiva

Tree shrew

Common name: Rice tenrec
Scientific name: Oryzorictes hova

Water shrew

Common name: Soricoid shrew tenrec
Scientific name: Microgale soricoides

Tailless tenrec

Common name: Streaked tenrec
Scientific name: Hemicentetes semispinosus

Lesser hedgehog tenrec

Common name: Long-tailed shrew tenrec
Scientific name: Microgale drouhardi

-> See the Lemurs of Madagascar

Introduction | Storm | Pollenpeepers' New Homes | Windsor Island | Warwick Archipelago | Gallery

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