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Online Course for Teachers: Teaching Evolution

Take this eight-session professional development course, where you'll examine major evolutionary concepts, explore teaching methodologies, and address obstacles to teaching evolution. Learn more about taking this course

Link: Session 1 What is the Nature of Science? Image of an ocean wave.
Link: Session 2  How does Darwin's theory illustrate the process of science? Image of Charles Darwin.
Link: Session 3 What is the evidence for Evolution? Image of a fossil.
Link: Session 4 What are the processes of evolution? Image of humming birds.
Link: Session 5 Is Evolution still happening? Image of a skull.
Link: Session 6  How do you overcome student misconceptions about Evolution? Image of a giraffe.
Link: Session 7 How do you use active learning to teach evolution? Image of a teacher and student.
Link: Session 8 What happens when there is opposition to teaching evolution? Image of a scale.

Course licensing information:
Free one-year licenses are available for educational groups to host the course as a distance learning opportunity. More information

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