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Online Course for Teachers: Teaching Evolution

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SESSION 7: How Can You Use Active Learning to Teach Evolution?

Explore Part A: Using Inquiry in Your Own Teaching

Now consider your own teaching experience to help you think about using and balancing inquiry-based curricula in your own teaching of evolution.


How do you balance more open-ended approaches with teacher-directed ones?


How would you choose the best evolution content to teach through inquiry?


What evolution concepts would be most difficult to teach through inquiry?


What is the role of inquiry in teaching for understanding?


Why should teachers use a variety of approaches when teaching evolution?


Think about a noninquiry activity you use to teach evolution and how you could transform it into an inquiry-based activity, using the five essential features on the continuum as a guide.

(Some of these questions are from WGBH Educational Programming, Teaching High School Science [Boston, 2000], p. 19.)

Summarize your thoughts.



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