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Online Lessons for Teachers: Learning Evolution
 What is the Nature of Science?
 Scientific Terms









What does the word theory mean to a scientist? Who were the first farmers? Discover the answers to these questions as you embark on Lesson One, Activities 1, 2, and 3. You'll conduct a survey to assess the public's perception of science, debate with your peers over possible hypotheses to explain dinosaur extinction, and learn about a graduate student who made an astonishing discovery about ants and antibiotics.

A Survey about Science

Activity 1: A Survey about Science
Conduct a survey about the very nature of science, laws, theories, hypotheses, scientists, and evolution.

Teacher Notes

A Dinosaurs fossil.

Activity 2: What Killed the Dinosaurs?
Formulate and test scientific hypotheses that attempt to explain the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Teacher Notes

A leaf cutter ant.

Activity 3: Ancient Farmers of the Amazon
Analyze research on leafcutter ants to better understand the scientific process.

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Additional Activities
Find out what a card trick has to do with the nature of science.

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