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Online Lessons for Teachers: Learning Evolution
  How Did Humans Evolve?
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As humans, we have long been interested in our origins. The idea that humans evolved from monkeys is in fact untrue. Humans and all other primates evolved from a common ancestor. Humans have continued evolving since then, and we are still evolving, but at a rate that is so gradual we cannot observe it in the course of a lifetime. In this lesson, you will explore interactive Web features and learn how paleoanthropologists learn about our ancestors.

Image of a fossil.

Activity 1: Fossil Finding
Choose a site, and start digging! You are guaranteed to find something interesting in this Web activity and along the way you will learn how scientists study human ancestors.

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Image of a human skull.

Activity 2: A Tree Full of Ancestors
Examine three versions of a hominid family tree based on the same fossil evidence but different interpretations. Explore how future discoveries will help confirm or revise our understanding of our ancestors.

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Additional Activities
We want to hear from you! Take part in an interactive poll on the inevitability of intelligent life, and make your opinion count.

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