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Online Lessons for Teachers: Learning Evolution
 Why is Evolution Controversial?
 Scientific Terms


Natural Selection

When Darwin published his theory of natural selection, after 26 years of painstaking research, he created an uproar. To this day, the subject of evolution provokes debate in many communities. Evolutionary theory is as well grounded as cell theory, gravitational theory, or any other scientific theory. The controversy stems from the misconception that science is trying to explain phenomena that some religions have already explained in their own way. In this lesson, you will study key moments in the history of the controversy about evolution.

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Activity 1: Controversy through Time
To better understand the controversy that hinders the study of evolution in many classrooms, you will examine the historical conflicts.

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Activity 2: Scopes Trial
Examine the famous court case in which John Scopes was fined for teaching evolution to his biology class.

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Additional Activities
Find further readings on reconciling evolution with religious belief that focus on the Scopes Trial.

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