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For Teachers: Videos (Teaching Evolution Case Studies)

Filmed in classrooms across the country, these videos showcase a variety of strategies for teaching evolution. They are also available for purchase in VHS as part of a boxed set.

Veteran teacher Ken Bingham introduces students to evolution and draws out their misconceptions.

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Bonnie Chen builds on students' prior knowledge of mutations to lead her class through a simulation of wading birds feeding.

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Marilyn Havlik leads students through a simulation of the Hardy-Weinberg Principle to develop their understanding of population genetics.

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Teachers and administrators respond effectively to the challenges of teaching evolution.

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  Image of Learning and Teaching Evolution video tape box.

Learning and Teaching Evolution, a compilation of the Videos for Students and case study Videos for Teachers, is available for $19.95 from WGBH Boston Video. Order online or call 1-800-949-8670.

These videos also are integrated into the Online Course for Teachers. Take the course for your own enrichment or for credit through a local educational institution.

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