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Want to know how evolution is taught in schools across the country? Click on a link to read state science curriculum standards.

Alaska - Alaska Content Standards
Alaska - n/a
Arizona - Academic Standards & Accountability
Arkansas - Arkansas Science Curriculum Framework
California - K-12 Academic Content Standards
Colorado - Colorado Model Content Standards
Connecticut - The Connecticut Framework
Delaware - State of Delaware Science Curriculum Framework
Florida - Sunshine State Standards
Georgia - Quality Core Curriculum
Hawaii - Hawaii Content and Performance Standards
Idaho - Idaho's Standards for Excellence
Illinois - Illinois Learning Standards for Science
Indiana - Indiana Academic Standards 2000 for Science
Iowa - n/a
Kansas - Kansas Curricular Standards for Science Education
Kentucky - Core Content for Science Assessment
Louisiana - Louisiana Content Standards
Maine - State of Maine Learning Results
Maryland - Core Learning Goals
Massachusetts - Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Framework
Michigan - Michigan Curriculum Framework
Minnesota - Minnesota High Standards
Mississippi - K12 Curriculum Framework
Missouri - Missouri's Frameworks for Curriculum Development
Montana - Montana Content and Performance Standards
Nebraska - Nebraska K-12 Science Standards
Nevada - Nevada Science Content Standards
New Hampshire - The K-12 Science Curriculum Framework
New Jersey - New Jersey Core Curriculum Science Standards
New Mexico - Content Standards
New York - Learning Standards for Mathematics, Science, and Technology
North Carolina - North Carolina Standard Course of Study
North Dakota - Content Standards
Ohio - n/a
Oklahoma - Priority Academic Student Skills
Oregon - Oregon Science Content Standards
Pennsylvania - Academic Standards for Science and Technology
Rhode Island - The Rhode Island Science Framework
South Carolina - Science Curriculum Standards
South Dakota - South Dakota Science Standards
Tennessee - Curriculum Frameworks
Texas - Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Science
Utah - n/a
Vermont - Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities
Virginia - Science Standards of Learning
Washington - Essential Academic Learning Requirements
Washington, D.C. - n/a
West Virginia - West Virginia Instructional Goals & Objectives
Wisconsin - Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Science
Wyoming - n/a

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