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Coral Reef Connections
  Reef Relationships | Predators and Prey | Competitors | Partners | Conclusion

Reef Relationships

Partners, Competitors, and Enemies on the Great Barrier Reef

Stretching over 1,200 miles, Australia's Great Barrier Reef is the largest structure on Earth built by living organisms. Even for its size, it houses an incredible biodiversity -- literally thousands of species, many yet to be identified.

How has such variety evolved? Simply put, individual organisms must change and then survive in their new forms. They can be pressured to change -- sometimes into entirely new species -- both by the physical environment and by other organisms with which they interact.

Here, you will meet some of the Great Barrier Reef species that have evolved as partners, competitors, and enemies in the never-ending challenge to survive and reproduce.

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  Reef Relationships | Predators and Prey | Competitors | Partners | Conclusion
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