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Betting on Trump: Jobs

February 15, 2017 // by Steve Hoover, Lauren Mucciolo, Anjali Tsui
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Betting on Trump: Coal
Many coal miners saw the election of Donald Trump as a moment of hope. But what can he actually do to bring back coal jobs?
February 15, 2017
Betting on Trump: Jobs
Donald Trump has promised to bring manufacturing jobs back to communities like Erie, Pennsylvania. But economists say that many of those jobs are gone for good.
February 15, 2017
Betting on Trump: Water
Though California is a famously blue state, water shortages tipped the vote in its agricultural heartland decisively in Donald Trump's favor.
February 15, 2017
How the Deck Is Stacked: The Cost of College Debt
Across the nation, many individuals feel as though they're drowning in student loan payments, yet some experts argue that the idea of a "crisis" is overblown. Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal takes a 360-degree look at the problem, in the latest video in our "How the Deck Is Stacked" collaboration with Marketplace and PBS NewsHour.
September 30, 2016
When Going To College Becomes a Financial Risk
For a generation of students, the college years coincided with rising prices and stagnating middle class wages.
September 30, 2016
deck_ECONOMIC DIVIDE_clean-01
The Recovery’s Racial Divide
The economy is recovering, but not everyone has felt it equally. The wealth gap between black and white households has grown dramatically, and is now the widest it's been in nearly three decades.
August 1, 2016
Why the Middle Class Matters
Most Americans used to be middle class, but today that number is shrinking. Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal explains why.
June 9, 2016