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What If ...
A stunning example of how John O'Neill's thwarted efforts directly connect to the 9/11 commission's probe.
October 3, 2002
The USS Cole Investigation -- Yemen, October 2000
Colleagues describe the obstacles O'Neill faced as on-scene commander in Yemen: a U.S. ambassador, uncooperative Yemeni officials, a hostile environment, and ultimately, the lack of support from FBI headquarters.
October 3, 2002
Pursuing Al Qaeda
Friends and colleagues discuss O'Neill's passionate pursuit of the Al Qaeda terrorist network, from 1995 and the capture of Ramzi Yousef to the summer of 2001.
October 3, 2002
The John O'Neill I Knew
Impressions of a life, offered by seven of O'Neill's friends and colleagues.
October 3, 2002
John O'Neill and the FBI
In many ways, John O'Neill was always engaged in a double war, says Valerie James. "He was fighting terrorism, and fighting his own people too." Here, friends and colleagues talk about the clash of personalities and politics that persisted throughout O'Neill's FBI career.
October 3, 2002
Anecdotes from the Life of John O'Neill
Memories of O'Neill, recounted by friends and colleagues Clint Guenther, Fran Townsend, Barry Mawn, and Richard Clarke, offering glimpses of his personality, character, and working style.
October 3, 2002
Video: A 1997 Interview With O'Neill
In this 1997 video interview, John O'Neill talks about the work of FBI agents, how he handles the emotional challenges of his job, and what he calls "ordered liberty" -- the delicate balance of national security and civil liberties.
October 3, 2002
A Chronology of John O'Neill's Life and FBI Career
O'Neill's story, as drawn from FRONTLINE's research, reporting, and interviews with O'Neill's friends and colleagues.
October 3, 2002
Timeline: Al Qaeda's Global Context
An overview of how Al Qaeda's rise and international reach gradually came into focus for U.S. intelligence.
October 3, 2002
FRONTLINE's “The Man Who Knew,” chronicles John O'Neill's story -- a story that embraces the clash of personalities, politics and intelligence, offering important insights into both the successes and failures of America's fight against terrorism.
October 3, 2002
History of the Death Penalty
A History of the Death Penalty from Laura E. Randa's Society's "Final Solution: A History and Discussion of the Death Penalty."
February 9, 1999
The Gnostic Gospels
Scholar Elaine Pagels explores the Gnostic Gospels.
April 6, 1998
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